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jeremiah diehl

can't get past this, need to do something, my son, i am broken and can never be fixed, just cn't get through this even after four years....

Re: jeremiah diehl

It has been 3 and 1/2 years for me some days I wake up and think I just can't take another day of this pain, a couple of days ago I was feeling pretty bad I said to my Jim " I haven't had a sign from you in such a very long time please, please send me a sign so I know you are still with me". On Easter my little sis had a picture taken of her and her daughters in that picture is one orb a big one right beside my niece who my Jimmy use to kidd with all the time. I got my sign and know he is still close. Jimmy's baby girl Sandra and things like this sign from Jimmy are what keep me going, I know he would want me to be happy but I also know he understands why I have days when I feel like I just can't take one more step.
Jim's Mom

Re: jeremiah diehl

im so sorry things are not going good. im right there with ya let me tell ya its going on 3 years and i feel all ripped up and torn, I feel like Humpty Dumppty. nothing will put me back together again.

Re: jeremiah diehl

I know I wish for signs every day and don't seem to get them, I used to find dimes all the time but since the trial I haven't, no dreams either. I talk to him every night and tell him please let me know you're still here with me, let me feel your presence, I just wish I could hear him speak or laugh. The pain is just unbearable sometimes.