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Tomorrow will be two years!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've got a full plate with my daughter and her fiance and three kids staying with me, I am ready to explode. I am so overwhelmed. I can't believe that tomorrow will be two years since my son was murdered and that his murderer is still walking around dealing drugs and whatever else he pleases while the police turn a blind eye to it all. I don't know if I can make it through tomorrow........I miss my baby so much.
I had a friend send me a message in facebook that she heard a rumor that possibly the murderer's dad had passed away. I know it may be bad of me to say, but I hope that it's true. He gave his son the gun 5 minutes before his son killed mine with it. He faced no charges at all. If it is true than the POS will no longer have daddy around to bail him out of trouble.

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

I'm sorry Alisa...
sending you love

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

Alisa, I am sending you much love and many hugs today. These days are so impossibly hard. The pain just crashes over us like a wave. I know how much you are missing your Jeremy today. Just know that you will be in my thoughts and heart.

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

Alisa hoping today all your memories are happy ones.
Love and Hugs
Jim's Mom

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

Thanks for thinking of me. I couldn't make it through days like this if not for my moms family! Shirley, could you put that picture you made on Jeremy's memorial page for me please. I love it!!
I did get confirmation this morning that the murderer's dad did die yesterday of a massive heart attach. Ironic timing don't you think? I've spoken with the murderers ex and she said that this may cause him to (lose it) and she doesn't know if he will survive this. Am I wrong for not caring? I want to shout it from the rooftop, *how does it feel you pos?* One thing is for sure daddy is no longer around to bail him out of the trouble he gets into.

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

I put the pic on Jeremy's page.
Jim's mom

Re: Tomorrow will be two years!

So sorry I missed your baby's angel day. My mind is not functioning to well anymore.

I send you all my love, hugs and prayers and wishes of sweet memories to fill your heart.

Timmy's mom