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Just noted on the two POS's docket they both already filed their dumb ass appeals. Then had it out with one of the brothers last night, totally freaked on him sick of all the **** anymore. My pc got all messed up (my fault) and stupid me went and reinstalled the XP version wiping my whole computer completely clean I have nothing!!!! Thank God I saved my pictures on my memory stick. but Matt lost all his school work and my friend at work was able to find the ethernet to get me back on line. Now to figure ot how to download all th crap I had, like my printer, my cd burner, aol, etc. I lost evertyhing, I'm so stupid, so stressed and burned out I just mess up everything. Getting really sick of my life, totallly sick of it all, work sucks, home sucks, life sucks I just wish I could be with Timmy me and him just go and get our own place (well Matt) but Joe is driving me nuts, he is going to give me a nervous breakdown and to be honest with you I really don't think he cares, I mean I know he loves me and all and says he could never go on without me, etc. but they was he is to me, talks to me, treats me, is how you treat someone you despise, how is that love? I just wish I could hold my baby again, he had the best hugs!!!!


Re: Appeals

Hey Bette
Guess the appeals are expected they have one year to file here, then it takes another 2 or more years for an answer. I just went to the inmate locator for California and found the POS is now in a medical facility a lot closer to his family. I am hoping what ever his problem is its terminal and the little creep is suffering. I am having some issues with my oldest son also not that he treats me bad or anything like that, Jim use to say "Shelby reminds me of a chair, a Lazzzzzzzzzzzzy Boy". I am afraid the drugs have him again, he will be gone for days then comes here and lays around and sleeps. I just don't know what to do any more. I know it bothers him the effect Jim's murder has had on me but I can't help the way I feel. I can't get over it for him or anyone else I miss my Jim and that will never change.

Re: Appeals

Hold on bette this to shall pass, im with you my son gave the best hugs and kisses as well and i feel your pain and the longing for one more hug. But please stay strong and hold on to your faith because this to shall pass.

from Tyrells mommy

Re: Appeals

Hi Bette,
Sorry that things only seem to be getting worse. Just remember how well these killers were "liked" by the Judge so they might as well you know what with that appeal. I am glad Jim's killer was denied and your right Shirley hopefully he will be terminally sick and save the taxpayers some money supporting his pathetic a$$. They immediately stated a desire to appeal and I am sure they will but we got what we fought so hard for a First Degree Guilty Verdict so I feel all the stress is on them trying to overturn not us as he is in prison now where he belongs not to ever harm another innocent person on this side of the bars! Laura/AV