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Has this happened to any of you moms?

On my way to work the other day a guy on a motorcycle was pulling out of Safeway it was the same candy apple red color as Jim's just for an instant my thought was, JIMMY! It took my breath away, my heart was pounding, then the tears. That is the second time I have had an experience where someone reminded me so much of My Jim that it literally took my breath.
Jim's mom

Re: Has this happened to any of you moms?

Hey Shirley I have heard of that but yet to experience. What I have had happen a couple times is while working little old ladies asking me for directions or just crossing my path and feeling very peculiar as if they were sent to me for some reason. They both had a sense of humor and features that reminded me of Lisa and just wondered if that is what she would have looked like some day had she ever gotten the chance to grow old. Then my heart breaks and I just want to crawl in a hole and die knowing some pos took that all away from her. ♥ Laura/AV

Re: Has this happened to any of you moms?

I have had some similar situations where I see a kid on a bike and think of Timmy or a kid with a Phillies hat on, but nothing to take my breath away, that must have been so heart breacking. I know just seeing those boys and thinking that could be him made me cry, just in my car or walking down the street I'd have tears streaming down my face and holding back the sobs.

Laura you know sometimes strange things happen with people for me too, and I think, or just get this realy weird feeling all over me that this didn't just "happen" it was a reason, it's hard to explain, but they way you put it makes a lot of sense to me.


Re: Has this happened to any of you moms?

hi Shirley, A few months ago this guy would come in the donut shop everyday. I remember few dreams but had a moment when he came in one morning and I realised he had been in my dream the night before. I was stepping over people sleeping and he was one of them sleeping. It was then I realised how much he looked like my Chris would have looked like in a few yrs. After coming in for weeks he was gone the next morning.
Take care

Re: Has this happened to any of you moms?

I am sure there are people who would think I was a crazy woman. I do believe like Bette says these things happen for a reason. I knew it couldn't be Jimmy but for just an instant a part of me thought it was.
Big Jim's Mom

Re: Has this happened to any of you moms?

I do believe he is showing you he is with you even thru another person. There is a story from long time ago and I'll try and make it short, it was way before Timmy was killed and I was parking my car near the train off street when some dude yelled and cursed me out at the window saying his wife was parking there and she was like 2 cars up so how could I possibly know? so I yelled out like how the heck would I know she's just sitting there and you don't have to curse me out. I was so upset and actually started to cry. got on the train and said in my head God I'm not going to be nice to ppl anymore I have had it I'm always a good person I hold doors, I say thank you and please and your welcome and polite all the time go out of my way to help others no more I said!!! As I got of the train there are like 8 steps to get up to the door there was a very very old man standing there holding the door and he held that door for me until I reached it and it touched my heart so much and I was like thank you so much you are so kind and he just smiled, and I thought God has sent me an angel showing me that not everyone is mean or terrible there is still goodness out there. Now I wish for those signs again showing me that there is, only bad now since my baby was killed so each time I see these little signs I try and believe and think maybe just maybe..... I know Timmy is with me, I have to hold onto that or I'd go crazy!!! That is why I know I sound nuts about the dimes which I haven't found any in so long and it hurts I keep asking where are my dimes!!!!