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confused about everything

I don't know if I'm alone in this but I need help, I have been quiet and to myself for about a month and I have been told by my husband "what about us?what about life. you only want to do things when you want to.I don't know what to do anymore, I don't know what to say,don't know if I should hold you or anything,I't feels like you are just to yourself and you are pushing yourself away from me..What is the difference between now and last year???" I simply told him I need to take care of me and that I was tired of giving 24-7 and not to take anything personal because I just needed him to not tell me what to do when to do it and how. I also told him I could not control what I was going through and I needed to take care of it myself.I aslo told him I was so sorry for putting him through this...I'm so confused is this normal???

Re: confused about everything

hi my name is joann my son name is hubert i have been were you are and to me it is as normal as it can be men just don't get it we carried our baby"s in our womb and it just so hard for us to go on as we did before,you will get over this a little but you will still have that broken heart evertime i get sad i think of the good things that my son did just today me and my younger son was at the store and a young man keep looking at him and then he came over and said somthing good about his brother i was a little sad and then i smile your son will always be with you i sorry or your daughter? you see with me it was my husband that push me away so i come here for help he would not talk about it or why so i just keep the pain to my self or lit it out here we r one heart that hurt's hugs mom i hope i help you some