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Impact Statement

New Impact Statement has been added. Check out the Impact statement for Timmy Clark by MOM Bette. As you read it you will see why the jury was in tears.

God Bless you and give you peace Bette.

Re: Impact Statement

Dear Bette
What a beautiful tribute to your baby boy Timmy.Yes I am crying as I read your statement.It pretty much sums up how we all feel now that our children are gone.Don't ever question if Timmy knew how much you loved him.You will always have that question answered even if it is only in the recesses of your heart.He is your guardian angel the personal one God assigned you and your boys.His murderers stole soooo much from you but they can't steal your precious memories.Thanks for sharing your statement with us.Stay strong Love and God Bless

Re: Impact Statement

Oh thank you so much Debbie for posting this and putting up my Impact Statement. It took me over a year to write that statement. I'd stop and go back because the pain it brought me was over bearing so each time I'd start writing and reading and figuring out what I wanted to say, I'd be hysterical. by the time the trial came, I finally went back to it and it was so hard to finish. Then to read it out loud at the trial was devestating to me and I sobbed along with everyone else. Yes the jury also was crying as was my DA, he actually had to excuse himself after I was done. I don't know how I made it thru that, the judge even asked me if I wanted someone else to read it and I said no, I have to do this, I am his voice now I'll be ok. And I did finish it and the pain of even thinking of that day sitting there and re-living it all over again just eats me up. Thanks for sharing.

Love you all.