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Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

Happy Birthday
Happy birthday sweet angel

Re: Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

Sending lots of love to you Barb. What a life we have. I hope you are ok. I hope Nicky and Chris danced a hole in the clouds as one of Chris's friends wrote yesturday...all our angels at the party dancing holes thru the clouds.

Re: Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

Thank you Shirley and Lois.Their Birthdays are a bittersweet memory.So much joy the day they were born and now only pictures in a frame,and a plot to decorate.The kimi was so beautiful Shirley and yes Lois I do imagine them dancing a hole through the clouds.Nicky loved to dance he had so much rhythm.Flying,dancing,singing,discovering new things each and every day,that's what I hold on to,cause I believe that is what they are doing every minute of the day.Love and God Bless you both for your kindness

P.S. I wore the shirt you made me yesterday Shirley Don't cry because I'm gone smile because I was there.
Still my favorite shirt LOL

Re: Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

Happy Heavenly Birthday Nicky....I made this kimi last night but the site wasn't co-operating so I am sharing it with you today...Knowing you guys the party is still prob going on anyways...

Re: Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

I hope your party was wonderful. I am thinking about you today Barb. My son Wayne was also born on this day. Much love to you. I know this can be a hard time. Love ya, Darien

Re: Happy Heavenly BD Nicky

Thanks Laura/Av and Darien.The kimi is beautiful and I really appreciate your wishes as does Nicky I'm sure.I went to edit something the other day on Nicky's site and it won't let me out of edit there is no tab at the top of his page to get out ??????This happen to anyone else.HELP!!!!Love and God Bless