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position and defense(staying in the lines) any suggestions to further this?

this is their first year on a full size field and they are having trouble directing play and staying in position, i invented a drill where i divide half the field up with ropes into four equal sections running toward the goal.

I have 1 defence player and one attack player in each "Column".

I then get the attack to run toward defense and pass the ball, the rules are as follows. only 1 attack and 1 defence player in each column at any time. If attack have two players in one square at a time, they lose a point and go back to half way to start again.

If defense clear the ball past half way they win a point and attack starts at halfweay again.

If defence have two players in one column at once. Attack has a free kick from that spot and can take a crack at goal.

The general aim is First to 10 wins and then switch ends.

I am mainly focusing on defence with this game as this is where my team is weakest, but i think this will help attack as well. I think this shoud help them to understand field positions.

I have added variations like they are only allowed 3 touches etc.

Can anyone suggest what else i could try, or furhter additions that might add to this drill?