Maine Fishing Reports from The Rangeley Lakes Region

Check our Maine fishing forum for fishing reports from Registered Maine Guides and Fishing Tackle Shops in the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine. The Rangeley Lakes Region is a four reason resort area reknown for fly fishing and trolling for trophy size Landlocked Salmon and Brook Trout.

Maine Fishing Reports from The Rangeley Lakes Region
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Quimby Pond

Quimby Pond has alway been known to be slow fishing but to also hold some very large Brook trout. I have been fishing Quimby since 1964 and the trout are larger now than ever.I owned and ran Quimby Pond Camps comercially in the 1970's and 1980's and always had good fishing there but never had as many big fish as there is now. The biggest problem is there are very few small fish being caught this may be a problem for the future. On Sunday August2 I guided Crissie and Bruce from California on Quimby. Crissie caught the first fish 18" estimated to be 21/2 lbs really good fight on her 4wt.rod. Bruce caught the next fish a 21" bruiser, very thick around the girth, male, color showing I estimated to be 4lbs+. Crissie hooked the next fish and fought it for almost 10 minutes and the fish never came up so that we could see it but it turned our boat around 3 or 4 times and finally was lost. I would have liked to have seen thatn one.
Tight Lines

Re: Quimby Pond

Have been fishing Quimby Pond since the early 40's until the late 80's . Remember when there were at least 4-5 sporting camps that rented boats and had accomodations for overnight anglers. At first, when I was very young, we used to rent a boat from Sagamore Lodge. Later in life, I catered to Quimby Pond Camps where Bob Banard was the proprietor. Many people fished there and my experience was that you had to fish hard and move around the pond but this would generally result in a successful but generally long day. On occasions, I have caught fresh water smelt on a Black Ghost which is quite unusual as Quimby is only 10-12 deep. Largest trout i have caught there was 17" but it was deep and handsome. Never hit it when the trout were taking dries but remember one early morning when there were fish feeding all around us and no one could find the secret. My guess is that there was some kind of nymph hatching and were not interested in Black Ghosts.