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Exchange of any ideas regarding the Cang Jie input method and other input methods for Chinese characters as well as the works and projects of Henry Chu BangFu, the inventor of the Cang Jie System.

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Re: The Cangjie method is outdated in 2005 !

Comparing with other Chinese input methods in typing speed, the Cangjie method may not be the best choice for users. As you said, it is outdated and less efficient. But considering the longer existence and extension of Chinese Culture and total solution in Chinese artificial intelligence developement.
By latest news, the creator of Cangjie method, Master Chu, got three breakthroughs based on the Chinese Gene theory which is the basic principle of Cangjie method.
1.The first Chinese CPU called "V-Dragon" that could generate at least 32,000 characters in traditional and simplified Chinese directly from CPU itselt.
2.The first Chinese artificial intelligence computer system equals to 10 years child.
3.A computer systems that could convert scipt into 3D movie automatically. The first commerical 3D moive will come out in May or July this year,and 4 movies are planning to produce in 2006, 24 movies in 2007.
By the way,this system and Chinese AI computer will accept the Cangjie method only. When they coming out in the future. will Cangjie method be outdated and less efficient? I think it's to early to make a conclusion. Maybe you could tell me the answer.

A nobody but care about the future of Cangjie method

1.V-Dragon news:
2.Chinese AI Demo download(please click the [ 下載1 ] ):
3.The test 3D moive demo download:
It is about 260MB and maybe takes a longer time to download. So please be patient.

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Why is the book the only one in English ? Because even Chinese nowadays use that complicated system less and less . In typing speed contests , it is always the less efficient one . Only older people who do not want to bother to learn again still use the Cangjie method . It was useful many years ago , when nothing else was available .
It was a good idea to introduce a system to type Chinese characters ,but even though the book was published a few years ago , it was too late , as it should have been done much earlier to be useful . I am pretty sure you can realize that by the number of sold copies .Sorry !