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D de P and C de M

Ciao Tutti! I visited this website already many years ago. Didn't participate in conversation, now re-visiting and decided to finally write something. What especially caught my eye was this line: "If Diane de Poitiers had lived in the twenty-first century, she would have wanted to have a website"...Well, she lives in the twenty-first century, wanted to have a website and sure has one! Past is past, gone and dead. Stop idolizing her. She was a goddam ***** back then, and still is in this life time we are living now. Not an intelligent woman back then and not now. Yes, she is skilled in some ways, but what did she ever do but happened to be born to a wealthy family. She was an opputurnist seeking for her own benefit, and still does the same. My mother tongue isn't Italian or English this time, sorry for the mistakes. I'm a very private person, and won't tell you what's my name this time, but one time I was Caterina de Medici. This time "Diane" and "I" were born in the same city in Northern Europe. We are about the same age this time. The main theme has always been our relationship and friendship. In this life we have even lived together, as friends, with our children. I have also met "Henri" for a few times. This time he lives in Florence, Italy. Much more interesting story could be written from what we three remember of our past lives. How fascinating the reality is, why we carry our physical characteristics from one life to another...that I think about a lot. "Diane" used to drink gold, and that also killed her, now, she still has a strangely fragile hair and skin. She also has the same kind of hands (lacking something)as she had back then. And I had a very unique gift, I would call it that, when I visited Florence for a first time in this lifetime. I was a young girl when I met myself as Caterina in one house there. Back then I always knew who I will be one day and now, living this life I have always known who I was back then. And THAT is really fascinating.

Re: D de P and C de M

I have shared your message with friend who is doing research on the subject for an upcoming book and would like to speak with you. You can contact him through his website:

Re: D de P and C de M

Thank you Shari, but I don't think the world is ready for our story, not yet. Neither of us don't want any publicity because of this.

Re: D de P and C de M

Shari Beck, I have some old oak carved panels that I believe are connected to Diane de Poitiers.

Please have a look on Facebook, profile, early oak panels.

They are from the right period and I believe the crescent moons makes the connection.

Appreciate your thoughts.