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Re: Diane was no Saint

Maybe Diane was simply in love with King Henri II and it would have broken her heart to let go of their relation.

Re: Diane was no Saint

I agree! Diane was completely in love with him!

Re: Diane was no Saint

No, she was no saint. I wonder why few people criticize her for continuing a liaison with Henry when it broke the heart of his wife, Catherine? This kind of behavior towards other women is hurtful and unconscionable - yet so many here honor Diane. Just a thought....

Re: Diane was no Saint

Aristocratic men and women were brought up with the idea that it was their responsibility to forge alliances that would enhance their families' prestige. Of course, one's proximity to the monarch was of prime importance not only for this reason, but for one's security. To have the protection of the king meant everything in an age when jealous nobles made
false accusations and claims in order to acquire another's property. We will never know how sincere Diane's love for Henri II was. But, she was certainly grateful for the relationship and her behavior, for the most part, was exemplary.
Of course, one must deplore her part in the Jarnac affair and her religious bigotry. Still, she stands along with Madame
de Pompadour as being one of the better royal mistresses of history.