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Program Evaluation Lead – Global Finance for Inclusive Growth

<72 days per year

Mostly home based – there may be occasional travel

The Independent Evaluation & Learning program, works alongside the Prosperity Fund to analyse their portfolio of work, to improve performance and where necessary, make mid-course corrections. It is expected that lessons learnt will be beneficial for similar future funds.

With a current total value of £97.8m, financial services represent about 12% of Prosperity Fund (PF) spending. It is the primary focus of 13 projects across 8 programmes.

The majority of the PF’s financial service projects focus on improving the efficiency and inclusivity of financial markets through technical assistance / capacity building for financial systems reform / regulation (targeted at government level) and piloting / demonstrating innovation in financial/insurance products.

The broad pathways to change for financial services projects focus on two main areas:

• Effectiveness: To support suitable policy development and regulation of financial markets within governments, facilitating their better operation and recognition and increased investment into financial markets both domestically and from outside investors, in some cases with a focus on capital for infrastructure.

• Inclusivity: That innovative use of new financial technologies and improved access to financial services like pensions and insurance facilitate greater participation in the financial sector, which leads to more inclusive growth.

Global Finance for Inclusive Growth programme

The focus for the PF Finance programme is a) Africa and b) Pakistan/Bangladesh.

High level programme outcomes:

• Increased access to commercial loans, trade finance, and supply chain finance for business in developing countries;
• Increased capital markets inflows to developing countries, particularly in local currency;
• Increased and/or cheaper access to formal financial services for underserved populations, notably via innovative technology driven solutions;
• More robust financial regulation and supervision in developing countries

If you are a Finance generalist who has evaluated financial services reform programmes then we would like to hear from you. If you are interested in discussing this part time contract, please do get in touch to discuss further.
Deadline for applications - ASAP

For more details email

Organisation Prosperity Fund, Evaluation & Learning

Country United Kingdom