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MEL Consultant - Disability Inclusive Livelihoods in Uganda

Terms of Reference
Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Consultant
1. Context:
The ‘Disability-inclusive socio-economic empowerment through VSLAs in Uganda’ project is led by a consortium consisting of the National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), Christian Blind Mission (CBM), Katalemwa Cheshire Home (KCH) and Organised & Useful Rehabilitation Services for People with Disability (OURS). The project aims to promote the economic and social empowerment of persons with disabilities through Village, Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs), livelihood support and advocacy activities. The consortium is seeking an experienced monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) consultant to undertake a review of the projects MEL framework, develop and facilitate a suitable training for project partners, and oversee the projects baseline assessment.
2. Project Overview:
This 36-month project seeks to improve the quality of life, economic outcomes and participation of persons with disabilities in Uganda. This will be achieved through the establishment of VSLA groups, livelihoods support and advocacy activities. VSLAs will be established using the iSAVE model developed by NUDIPU, which prioritises the participation and leadership of persons with disabilities in savings and loan groups. iSAVE is an integrated and proven approach to address the economic and social exclusion of persons with disabilities in communities. The assumption is that improved access to (in) formal financial services enables persons with disabilities to engage in income generating activities and participate in decision making in society.
Village Savings and Loans Associations will be established and supportive advocacy activities take place in Mityana, Ibanda and Mbarara districts and the Greater Masaka region of Uganda. Collaboration with international and local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and microfinance institutions (MFIs) will also help to mainstream disability inclusion into wider livelihood and micro-finance activities. Implemented by three Ugandan organisations; one disabled people’s organisation (DPO) and two disability NGOs; the project will place disabled people in the lead, ensuring that the strengths, needs, ideas and feedback of disabled people are kept at the forefront of project delivery.
3. Key objectives:
1. To establish at least 100 VSLAs for 2,500 people (approximately 60% disabled people, 25% carers of disabled people and 15% community members without disabilities).
2. To enable disabled people to increase their savings and incomes, create and
improve income generating activities, and improve their quality of life
through membership of disability-focused VSLAs.
3. To increase the participation of disabled people in local committee meetings
and decision-making forums, and improve attitudes towards and among
disabled people.
4. To build the capacity of INGOs, and local MFIs and NGOs, to increase the
disability inclusion rates new mainstream INGO VSLAs and local projects and
5. To leverage the experience of National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda
(NUDIPU) to grow networks and build institutional capacity of two Ugandan
disability NGOs to roll out VSLA schemes through joint training and shared
6. To research the effects of disability-focused VSLA membership on disabled
people’s quality of life, economic status, participation, and attitudes towards
disabled people, establishing indicators that can be utilised in future VSLA
projects in Uganda and further afield.
4. Purpose
The project consortium is seeking a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning expert
to review and provide advice on the projects MEL framework and develop a
suitable training curriculum for project teams and management based on this.
Review and Roll-out
This will incorporate an initial review of the proposed MEL framework, tools and
work plan for the project, followed by field staff and management training
workshops. Following the completion of training the consultant will work
alongside partners to supervise pre-testing and data collection activities for the
project baseline. The baseline assessment will provide an opportunity for
experiential learning where knowledge and skills acquired through the training
are implemented at field-level with beneficiaries. It is expected that the chosen
consultant(s) will work alongside the projects lead partner, NUDIPU in
formulating an appropriate training curriculum and appointing key focal persons
for supervisory activities for the assessment.
5. Key deliverables
 Set of key recommendations for project MEL framework
 Basic data capture tool / database system for the project
 Capacity building training curriculum for staff and management.
 Facilitation of participatory MEL training session to management and field
 Base-line assessment work plan.
 Base-line assessment report and all data sets / transcripts.
6. Timeframe
It is expected that the consultant(s) would commence activities in September
2018 and commit up to 21 days to the contract.
7. Profile of the consultant
 Applicants from Uganda or East Africa region strongly preferred.
 Proven experience in designing monitoring, evaluation and learning
systems, tools and processes for international development projects.
 Proven experience in designing and facilitating participatory training.
 Proven experience in organisational capacity development.
 Strong record of developing & implementing strategic MEL tools and
frameworks for comparable programmes.
 Experience working on disability inclusive development projects,
particularly livelihoods and micro-finance.
 Extensive experience and knowledge of disability, social protection and
livelihoods context throughout Uganda.
 Knowledge of Twin track approach to disability.
 Strong analytical skills and excellent writing abilities.
8. Expressions of Interest
Expressions of interest are sought from applicants meeting the above criteria.
Full EOIs should be addressed to for full review and
selection by all members of project steering committee. Submissions must be
received before 12pm (EAT) 3rd August 2018 to be eligible.
Expressions of interest must include:
• A short (one-page) cover letter addressing the profile criteria above.
• CV (maximum 3 pages) outlining experience and skills of lead consultant and
• An outline plan for delivering the brief including work plan, methodology
overview and financial proposal (providing cost estimates for services rendered
including daily consultancy fees).

Organisation CBM

Country UK