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Mid-term evaluation for Integrity Action

Terms of Reference
Independent research and evaluation consultancy


Integrity Action enables citizens to improve the delivery of essential services, infrastructure projects and humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most challenging environments.
We do this through the promotion of integrity. We believe that, rather than top-down finger pointing, the bottom-up promotion of integrity creates an environment where corruption and mismanagement are simply not tolerated.
We work in places where the need for effective services and infrastructure is critical. Whether it is secondary school teaching in Afghanistan, water systems in DR Congo, or the reconstruction of homes after Nepal’s 2015 earthquake, essential services and projects impact every aspect of citizens’ lives. However, in the countries where we work, citizens frequently don’t get what they need – or what is promised to them.
We address this challenge with our own unique mix of knowledge, tools and approaches. We help everyday citizens to monitor projects and services in their own community. We provide tech tools to help them post their findings openly and in real time (see And we enable these citizen monitors to work with those responsible and constructively solve the problems they find.
Our approach has recently been recognised by the Bond International Development Awards, where our project and app in Nepal, Sindhupalcheck, was nominated for the Innovation Award. We are currently working with local partner organisations in Nepal, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kenya, DR Congo, Tanzania, Zambia and Armenia. Our donors include SIDA, Norad, DFID, the Asian Development Bank, the Hewlett Foundation, and the Pro Victimis Foundation.
Integrity Action is a charity registered in England and Wales, and based in London.

Purpose of consultancy

Integrity Action currently receives a four-year (2016-2020) grant from SIDA, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency. It aims to build Integrity Action’s capacity to deliver high-impact interventions, to research and learn about the best ways to address integrity challenges, to engage with key stakeholders to push for improved standards of integrity, and to strengthen the organisation as well as its partners so they are on a more sustainable footing. The size of the grant is SEK 28,350,000 (approximately £2.4 million GBP).
As part of this grant, we are commissioning an independent, mid-term evaluation. Its purpose is to help Sida and Integrity Action to assess progress towards the above objectives; to explore which interventions and specific activities have worked well, and less well, in achieving these objectives; and to generate learning and inform decision making (during the remainder of the grant implementation period) and organisational strategy (in the longer term).
The primary intended users of the evaluation are both SIDA and Integrity Action.

Scope of consultancy

The evaluation will look at the period of the grant to date (2016-2018). It will focus on activities directly supported by the SIDA grant (including organisational strengthening, research and learning) and other activities which are underpinned by SIDA’s support (primarily, the implementation of citizen monitoring and problem solving at the community level).
We are seeking an independent consulting agency, or team of consultants, to carry out this work. We expect the evaluation to comprise the following:
- A review of the organisation’s work during the grant to date, and an independent assessment of results and achievements. The review will look at which types of intervention work best, and in what contexts; and will recommend improvements to these interventions where necessary. The evaluation will explore overall impact (both direct and indirect, positive and negative); relevance of our work to the intended beneficiaries, as well as SIDA’s priorities; how well lessons have been learned and incorporated; and likelihood of outcomes being sustained.
- How can Integrity Action’s results to date be articulated and quantified? The evaluation should generate figures based on our available data, highlight weaknesses in this data that should be improved upon, and seek to express these results in value for money terms – or explain what more needs to be done to produce a credible value for money analysis.
- The evaluation should assess Integrity Action’s efforts to strengthen itself as an organisation that is fit for purpose and growth. This could involve assessing our new strategy and theory of change, funding position and diversity of income streams, sustainability of funding models, and our understanding of the external environment and the challenges facing the organisation.
- Over the last two years Integrity Action has mainstreamed gender equality and social exclusion (GESI) across its operations, both internally and externally. The evaluation should look at how well our work to date is fulfilling our GESI strategy, whether our results apply to a broad or narrow cross section of people, and what improvements we could make.
- The review of our work will need to be reconciled with our newly-developed five-year strategy and theory of change. It should assess whether, and to what extent, our work is in line with the new strategy – and what will need to change, or be discontinued, in light of this.
The evaluation should be in line with aspects of the OECD DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation, specifically:
- Effectiveness: To what extent have the project contributed to intended outcomes? If so, why? If not, why not? To what extent has lessons learned from what works well and less well been used to improve and adjust project/programme implementation?
- Relevance: To what extent has the project conformed to the needs and priorities of the beneficiaries and donor policies?
- Sustainability: Is it likely that the benefits (outcomes) of the project are sustainable?
- Impact: What is the impact to date in terms of direct or indirect, negative and positive results – as well as intended and unintended effects?
We expect this consultancy to feature an inception phase in which the objectives, scope, key questions and approach of the evaluation will be discussed and confirmed (through production of an inception report). Beyond this, the evaluation may include activities such as – but not limited to – the following:
- Document analysis: Analysis of project proposals (SIDA and other grants), together with corresponding results, case studies and lessons learned
- Key stakeholder interviews: Integrity Action has worked with various stakeholders who will have insight on the above issues – from in-country partners and INGOs to donors and private sector
- Data analysis: Integrity Action has been collecting data for over 5 years using its DevelopmentCheck app, which citizens use to monitor public services and projects. The data should provide useful information on what works and what doesn’t
- Field research: we anticipate this research may involve field visits to explore in-depth the issues raised above. Field research would present an opportunity to speak with programme participants and other stakeholders directly
- Literature review: Integrity Action’s results and achievements may also be compared with those observed elsewhere in the sector
The consultancy should produce clear recommendations and priorities for the organisation. The findings of the consultancy, combined with the recommendations, should be presented in a final report.
We anticipate the consultancy will take place between August and November 2018, and would comprise approximately 40 person-days of work.


Given the timescale, we expect applications for this consultancy to come from consultancy companies and/or teams of consultants. Consultants can be based anywhere in the world. Other experience:
- Extensive experience of evaluation within the international development sector
- Knowledge of social accountability within international development
- Knowledge of UK charity sector, and wider global development sector, and the key pressures on organisations (current and predicted)
- Familiarity with organisational strategies and theory of change
- An understanding of gender equality and social inclusion within international development
- Experience of a range of data collection techniques that can be readily applied to this project
- Experience of data analysis
- Flexibility to adapt to any subsequent changes in the terms of reference
- Exceptional English speaking/writing skills required; other languages may be useful within the team proposed (we work in countries including DR Congo, Afghanistan, Nepal and Palestine)

How to apply

To apply, please send:
- The CVs of proposed consultants
- A proposal (max 4 pages) outlining your relevant experience and proposed approach, as well as your budget.
Please send this to: by Monday 23rd July (1700 GMT). Please note that we may not be able to give feedback on unsuccessful proposals.

Organisation Integrity Action

Country UK