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Impact Evaluation Design Consultant


Save the Children is embarking on an ambitious three-year programme of resilience focused sports coaching for 11 to 18-year olds in Indonesia and Jordan, with the generous support of a well-known international sports team foundation.

This partnership brings together Save the Children’s experience in strengthening child and youth resilience and wellbeing and our sports partner’s expertise in providing sports-based community interventions aimed at a range of individual and community level outcomes.

Save the Children's Child Resilience Programme is a nonclinical psychosocial and protection methodology that focuses on children's positive coping and resilience. Inspired by the Resilience Research Centre, Save the Children's interpretation of resilience states that resilience is about people's will and ability to overcome challenges and develop in a healthy and positive way in spite of difficulties. Resilience is therefore seen as a process rather than a state of being.

Recognising that the evidence base for sports for change interventions is still weak Save the Children is keen to contribute to this by establishing robust evidence on the effectiveness of the resilience focused coaching intervention in both development and humanitarian contexts. In order to do this, a consultant is being sought to provide technical support in the area of impact evaluation design, sample calculation and ethical and safeguarding risk assessment.

Project to be evaluated

No. of project beneficiaries: 3,500 children aged 11-18 years of age participating in resilience focused coaching activities.

Project locations: Jordan, Indonesia. The project aims to target children affected by violence within both a humanitarian and a development context.

Project duration: 3 years

Intervention strategies: resilience coaching accompanied by complementary activities such as case management, parenting support, child friendly spaces. Complementary activities will not be included in the impact evaluation.

Preferably UK based. No travel to project areas required

Safeguarding Level: 0
This post will have no involvement with children and no access to SCUK data or images related to children not available to the general public. The role will only have fleeting – fully supervised access to SCUK facilities or assets.

Tasks to be completed
1. Provide the evaluation design for the intervention, including type of design (e.g. quasi experimental) including recommendations for the establishment of comparison groups and intervention and data collection phasing.
2.Provide instructions to carry out the sample calculation for the evaluation – sample size (including stratification where possible) and power calculations.
3.Provide general recommendations for eventual analysis of data (e.g. regression analysis).
4.Provide an independent assessment of potential ethical and safeguarding issues in relation to the evaluation design proposed together with corresponding mitigation measures.
5.Provide brief feedback via email relating to sample selection issues that may arise during field data collection for the evaluation (for example replacement issues).

To note: The consultant is not expected to design data collection tools or to facilitate data collection activities. Save the Children plans to implement all data collection and processing activities through country office and local supervisors based in Indonesia and Jordan. Measurement tools have been developed and are currently undergoing contextualisation.

1.Evaluation design document following predefined format
2.Instructions for sample calculations (including relevant code e.g. in STATA .do file) and explanation of methodology
3.Completed ethical and safeguarding risk analysis matrix

Information to be provided to the successful applicant
•Evaluation questions and outcomes of interest
•Beneficiary target numbers and breakdown of expected demographic profile and locations
•Overview of resilience scores from past Save the Children interventions
•Resilience measurement tools
•Intervention design and theory of change

1.Demonstrable knowledge and experience of experimental and quasi-experimental evaluation design and implementation for interventions in resource poor environments.
2.Demonstratable knowledge of econometric analysis within the context of impact evaluation (e.g. regression analysis).
3.Demonstrable knowledge of resilience and wellbeing theoretical frameworks.
4.Demonstrable knowledge and experience of resilience measurement approaches in developing country contexts.
5.Demonstrable experience of submitting ethics proposals to academic internal review boards.

1.Knowledge of measurement within the context of sports for change interventions.

Interested applicants are invited to submit the following documents to by the 31st of May 2018.
2.Brief document (1-2 pages) outlining understanding of the ToR and initial ideas regarding completion of the tasks described.
3.Financial proposal and breakdown of days required.
4.Example(s) of previous work relating to evaluation design.
5.Details of 2 professional referees (to be contacted if application is successful).

Organisation Save the Children

Country United Kingdom