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Consultancy for a Final Evaluation

Caritas Switzerland is looking for a consultant for a final evaluation of its "Rural Income Generation Support"-Project in Kosovo.

Offers should include:
- proposal with incl. a critical analysis of project objectives and TORs; the proposal must include a concept incl. envisaged methodology and detailed work schedule
- a financial proposal with proposed daily rates
- CV and brief outline of relevant experiences
Deadline for submission of offers is 26 March 2018. Please send your offer to

Purpose of the evaluation:
The consultant shall conduct a final evaluation with a learning focus.
a) The overall purpose of the evaluation is to analyse the implementation of the project against the background of the overarching project vision “to ensure socio-economic development, increase livelihood opportunities for farmers and strengthen farmers associations”.
b) The evaluation shall also provide conclusions and potential recommendations in respect of a (tentative) next project phase.
In particular, the evaluation shall review and analyse:
- the socio-economic progress of households in the project regions
- the capacity, functionality and sustainability of local producer associations and the cooperative established with CACH facilitation and support in 2017
- the value chains and its main actors such as nurseries, producers, wholesale buyers, processors, traders, transport, agricultural pharmacies, advisory service providers, micro credit organisations etc.
- establishment of food safety and quality (IP, organic) standards and policies
In particular, the evaluation shall draw conclusions – and produce recommendations – on the following aspects:
- lessons learned and best practices
- conclusions and recommendations to improve quality and impact of a tentative follow-up project
- institutional and financial sustainability
- opportunities for innovation to enhance effectiveness

The assignment shall be carried out in April May 2018 with the following preferred schedule and deadlines (negotiable):
- Invitation for offers & publication: 13 March 2018
- Deadline for submission of offers: 28 March 2018
- Selection & contracting, tent. TOR review 06 April 2018
- desk review by 22 April 2018
- field mission & debriefing workshop 23 – 29 April 2018
- Draft report 13 May 2018
- Final Report: 01 June 2018

Requirement qualifications
1. Specific professional background/ knowledge in agriculture, value-chain development, micro credits, organisational development and evaluation and strategic planning process
2. Significant experience in similar assignments and relevant fields required
3. Relevant experience in developing and emerging countries, experience in the Balkan region preferred
4. Familiarity with the context of Kosovo or the Balkans an asset
5. Languages: English, knowledge of the local language and German an asset

For detailed TOR or questions please contact

Organisation Caritas Switzerland

Country Switzerland