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Request for proposals - Impact Evaluation Parenting Programme

Save the Children Sweden is seeking an evaluation team to conduct an impact evaluation of our parenting programme called Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP). This evaluation will focus on the implementation of PDEP programme in Kosovo.

The design for this evaluation would include the following:
• Most Significant Change workshops to collect the experiential perspective of beneficiaries and their children

• Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to enable a systematic comparison of cases (which for this study are likely to be family units) and analysis of factors that affect the attainment of results

• Analyses of available quantitative data on attitudes and behaviours (have been collected during the 2017 round of PDEP implementation). The evaluation team will receive the datasets and will be expected to perform analyses.

• Interviews with the partner organizations, PDEP facilitators, parents that have participated in the PDEP programme, family members and children, Save the Children and others

• Value for Money analysis using the 3E Approach

We are now looking for a small evaluation team with the skills to carry out this assignment. If this sounds interesting to you, we would like to receive your proposal by the 21st of February. Preferably we would like to receive a proposal from a team, but we can also accept an expression of interest from you as an individual to be part of a team to be formed.

How to apply: For more information and ToRs please email to

Organisation Save the Children Sweden

Country Home-based

Re: Request for proposals - Impact Evaluation Parenting Programme

Dear Madam, Sir,

Kindly note I am applying to be part of a team. I have conducted baseline/mid-term review and end of project evaluations using mixed methods including innovative and participatory method such as the Most Significant Change (MSC) for the last 17 years. I used this last method in 14 countries in Africa for the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and in Canada for the Ministry of Health, British Columbia. I will be delighted to be part of a team and lead this component. I used the MSC with great success and enthusiasm in different contexts and topics. I have been noticing a great enthusiasm when using this method. Outcomes have been always well received and evidence-based recommendations were made to tailor programming. I can undertake other duties related to the evaluation as needed (i.e: key informant interview, quantitative and qualitative analysis) .

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.
Gaelle Bombereau-Mulot, PhD

Organisation independant Research, Monitoring and Evaluation consultant

Country ghana

Re: Request for proposals - Impact Evaluation Parenting Programme

I am not applying for this work, but I am offering some free advice...

Please consider using EvalC3 as an alternative form of software for doing a QCA-type of analyses i.e. if you are trying to find sufficient and or necessary or INUS conditions associated with outcomes of interest. You can find more details here: - including details of how each stage in the workflow works.

_IF_ the client (SCF Sweden) is happy with the use of EvalC3, I will offer free technical support to the evaluator winning the work re the use of EvalC3.

I won't support the development of any individual bids for the work. My support is only available after the winning candidate has been selected

I hope this offer is of use. If not, please let me know and I will amend or withdraw the offer

best wishes, rick davies

Organisation [Self-employed]

Country United Kingdom