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Request for proposals: evaluation of a program to tackle child labour in Rajasthan, India

Full details at:

The Freedom Fund ( is the world’s first private donor fund dedicated to ending human trafficking. We are starting a new hotspot project in 2018 to support the progress of Jaipur, Rajasthan towards becoming child labour free. There are an estimated 50,000 child labourers in Jaipur, many of whom are required to work long hours and/or perform hazardous tasks producing bangles, embroidery, sarees, jewellery and other handicrafts.

The scope of the evaluation is to measure the impact of the hotspot in supporting Jaipur’s progress to becoming child labour free. This initial study should form a baseline for measuring change along two crucial dimensions: (i) status of government response and (ii) business norms around child labour. Mixed methods and other robust approaches are highly encouraged. Innovative methodologies that triangulate inputs across multiple sources in order to improve the validity of the evaluation findings will be viewed favourably.

The Freedom Fund anticipates this to be a 9-month project, commencing in February 2018 and with final reports due by October 2018.

Organisations and consortia are invited to submit proposals for this baseline evaluation. The lead applicant must be a legally registered entity according to the laws of the country in which it operates.

The Freedom Fund strongly encourages researchers from India to apply. If the lead applicant is not based in India, it will need to identify and partner with a local agency to conduct the field research.

Approximately USD 175,000 is available for the baseline study described in this RFP, with a further USD 150,000 earmarked for a future endline study. The Freedom Fund intends to use the same research team for both the baseline and endline studies, however the two projects will be contracted separately. Proposed budgets will be reviewed with respect to the suitability of the proposed methodology and activities in meeting the research objectives in a cost-effective manner.

Proposal deadline
Interested parties should prepare a proposal of no more than 10 pages plus annexes. Proposals must be submitted by Monday 22 January 2018, 10am UK time. Applicants are strongly encouraged to request an informal discussion prior to submission.

Organisation The Freedom Fund

Country United Kingdom