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Seeking consultant for global advocacy campaign review

Over 1 billion people worldwide do not have safe, secure and sustainable access to land for shelter. To address this need, Habitat for Humanity launched the three-year Solid Ground campaign in March of 2016, which is now being implemented by Habitat for Humanity national organizations and partners in 34 countries around the world. Solid Ground tackles the issue of land access for shelter through four main approaches: expanding security of tenure, promoting gender equality in property rights, upgrading slums, and making communities more disaster resilient.

The mid-term review will examine progress against key objectives and lessons learned on the above-mentioned theory of change, goals and objectives from ideation, through launch to mid-term of the 3-year campaign. The mid-term review will identify ways that Solid Ground can improve campaign effectiveness going forward as well as how Habitat for Humanity can improve the effectiveness of future campaigns. It should also review key assumptions and validate (or invalidate) key outcomes or results.

The focus of the mid-term review will be on Solid Ground’s work in 2016 and 2017. Specifically, the purpose is two-fold: (1) to inform their ongoing work and planning, through the second half of the campaign; and (2) to inform future Habitat for Humanity campaigns through their development and implementation.

The primary audience for the mid-term review will be Habitat for Humanity International staff and national organizations.

For full RFP, visit:

Organisation Habitat for Humanity International

Country USA