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MEAL consultant sought - integrity building programmes

Terms of Reference
MEAL consultancy for integrity building programmes

Integrity Action improves how services are delivered in some of the world’s most challenging environments. We do this with a unique blend of open community feedback, innovative tech tools, and constructive problem solving.
We enable citizens to become monitors of public services and infrastructure projects that are being delivered in their community. Community monitors use our technology tool DevelopmentCheck ( to report any problems they find – these problems are posted openly online and in real time. The monitors then collaborate with other stakeholders to find solutions to these problems. DevelopmentCheck calculates the percentage of problems which are fixed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders (the Fix Rate).
In the past decade, Integrity Action has enabled citizens to voluntarily monitor services in their communities as a means to promote greater government accountability and responsiveness, ultimately improving those services. Monitors come from all walks of life regardless of sex, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, background or economic status and they are selected by and from among their peers on the basis of their attitude and aptitude, as well as a commitment to integrity and the public welfare of their community.
Integrity Action is implementing a number of grant-funded programmes during 2017-18 and beyond – these include a Norad-funded programme that focusses on working with youth monitors in schools in five countries (Nepal, Palestine, Afghanistan, DR Congo, Kenya). We measure results against various outcomes, such as:
- Citizens becoming effective monitors – do they gain knowledge and change their attitudes and behaviour as a result of our work?
- Gender equality and social inclusion – among monitors, what is the representation of women and girls, people with disabilities, and other marginalised groups?
- Improvements in service delivery – to what extent is service delivery improved as a result of our work? And how do lives improve as a result of this?

Purpose of consultancy

The consultancy is aimed at the following:
1. To work with IA staff to enhance existing monitoring and evaluation tools and approaches to ensure robust baselines and results
2. Where necessary, to design new tools that permit measurement of higher-level results
3. To research and advise on the best data collection approaches for key indicators (one of which will be the DevelopmentCheck tool)

Specific questions on which the consultant will be expected to provide insight include: what are the best ways of measuring knowledge and behaviour change among community monitors? What approaches can be used to assess results for large numbers of participants (>10,000 over 4 years in one programme), in settings with low or no connectivity? How can we best gather data on the involvement of socially marginalised groups in a way that is efficient, robust and sensitive? What are the best ways of measuring higher-level outcomes relevant to our programmes, including education outcomes (ie are students better educated as a result of our work?).
We anticipate that the consultancy will involve a combination of desk research, consultation with IA and in-country partners, design/amendment of tools, and report writing. IA will make available all relevant documentation including previous external evaluation reports.

We do not expect this assignment to involve travel to project countries.

Estimated scope of work

We estimate that the consultant will on this assignment for approximately 12 days. A detailed scope of work and timeline will be agreed with the successful consultant, however we expect these days to take place between mid-November 2017 and the end of January 2018.


- Brief report summarising research, making recommendations for evaluation tools and data collection approaches
- Report to be presented to Integrity Action team, allowing for further questions/discussion
- Documents detailing the design of new/amended evaluation tools, as appropriate


- Previous experience and successful track record in providing evaluation consultancy to charities/non-profits working internationally
- Experience of evaluating knowledge and behaviour change among project participants in developing countries
- Experience of evaluating educational projects and assessing results against education outcomes
- Knowledge of issues relating to gender equality and social inclusion
- Knowledge of a wide range of evaluation approaches and data collection tools
- Flexibility to adapt to any subsequent changes in the terms of reference
- Excellent English speaking/writing skills required

How to apply

To apply, please send:
- Your CV (or CVs if multiple consultants are proposed)
- A letter of interest detailing your relevant skills, knowledge and experience (max 2 pages). Please also include your daily rate and your availability during November - January.
Please send this to: by 5th November 2017.

Organisation Integrity Action

Country UK