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Consultant to Develop and Implement a Knowledge Bank Database

Call for consultant to develop and implement a knowledge bank to consolidate information and procedures across Leonard Cheshire Disability’s global Access to Livelihoods programme

Leonard Cheshire Disability’s international department implements inclusive livelihoods projects across Africa and Asia to support people with disabilities to access employment opportunities.

Access to Livelihoods is one of the flagship programmes of Leonard Cheshire Disability under the strategic partnership with the Accenture Foundation.

The Access to Livelihoods programme aims to build the skills and confidence of people with disabilities, while facilitating local skills providers, employers, policy makers and the media to change their perceptions of disability and therefore create greater opportunities for people of all abilities to succeed in work or enterprise.

Leonard Cheshire Disability is now looking to develop a programme that will leverage technology and digital solutions to equip persons with disabilities with the skills to promote lasting change in their own lives. A digital platform will act as a tool to shorten distances, expand reach and promote independence for persons with disabilities.

To create this platform, it is crucial that data is collected and analysed consistently across all geographies.

Currently top line data is collected into a central database that documents an individual’s journey through the programme. This includes a large level of detail. However this only relates to candidates. More specific localised process and system focused data is also collected at country level, where it is necessary to collect it in a systematic way in a consistent format.

Leonard Cheshire Disability is seeking a consultant to develop a comprehensive data and process capture tool or ‘knowledge bank’, to consistently and systematically store data in order to effectively transition it onto an online portal when ready. The specific objectives of the consultancy are:
1. Review existing Access to Livelihoods data capture tools and systems to understand similarities.
2. Define the key criteria and level of detail for data and process capture across Access to Livelihoods locations (global).
3. Develop a simple knowledge bank to capture, store and report data and processes for the Access to Livelihoods programme.
4. Work with local project partners to support them in capturing this information systematically.

The consultant will develop a simple yet comprehensive and systematic data capture tool to capture the required information in its various forms across the multiple locations. This should assemble the various methods and narratives around these data areas into an easily relatable and accessible system whilst also being mindful of data protection, and ensure that this system is compatible with existing data collection mechanisms within Leonard Cheshire Disability (e.g. Access and Microsoft Dynamics).

For more information and details on how to submit expressions of interest please review the terms of reference here:

Organisation Leonard Cheshire Disability

Country Preferably UK or Bangalore, India