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Consultancy for Data Consolidation and Review

Terms of Reference
For Mapping thematic results and Key Performance Indicators

1. Background and Introduction

By 2030, we aim to inspire three breakthroughs for children: for all children to survive, learn and be protected. Save the children will collaborate with others to achieve ambitions in five inter-related thematic areas of work: health, Nutrition, Education, Child Protection, Child Poverty and Child Rights Governance. While progress within a single thematic area of work will contribute directly to change at the breakthrough level, this change will be amplified through progress in our other thematic areas of work (Our Thematic Ambitions)1.

Results Framework group has initiated the discussion in 2016 to develop a movement-wide results framework that allows us to tell the story of progress towards our three breakthroughs. In essence, the results framework will enable Save the Children movement to a) To track and report progress on a set of common sub-thematic indicators linked to our work on our priority sub-themes and b) To monitor progress towards thematic/cross-thematic targets in country strategies and use programme monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning to effectively manage and continuously improve our programming.

2.Purpose of the exercise

Results Framework core group has been in discussion since last 7 months and discussing the scope of movement wide Results Framework. Until now an initial draft of theme and sub theme level results has been drafted and signed off by the Senior Leadership team. RFG is currently at a stage of proposing a priority list of KPIs to track theme and sub theme level results. That’s why this mapping exercise is planned to gather more insight of already selected/defined indicators and results.

This mapping exercise is planned to produce a comprehensive list of result statements (impact, outcome and outputs) to assess the commonality across the live grants within each theme and sub theme level. Similarly, mapping of KPIs will provide us comprehensive list of indicators chosen to track performance of the projects. This list will inform the results framework core group to prioritise most commonly used KPIs into the results framework dashboard and also to develop a priority list of theme and sub theme level performance measurement.

2a. Specific Objectives

There are two specific objectives to achieve for this exercise;
1) To gain in depth knowledge and understanding about the hierarchy of expected results defined in each live grant at impact, outcome and output level; also
2) To explore the extent of harmonisation exists between theme, sub theme, global Key Performance Indicator level for impact , outcome and output level;

3. Review Criteria:

• Review exercise will include all live grants across all themes with the budget of equal and more than US$100,000.
• This exercise will be split into two phases, Phase-1 will focus on the development projects and then Phase 2 will focus on humanitarian awards.

Following key questions will guide the review of live grants;

1. What proportion of our awards include clearly articulated results (theme and sub-theme, count and value)
2. What proportion of our awards include clearly articulated results-level indicators (theme and sub-theme, count and value)
3. What proportion of our awards include some sort of primary data collection exercise to capture performance data at the results level (theme and sub-theme, count and value)
4. How consistent are our top-line award results statements with our GRF results statements (theme and sub-theme, count and value). This assessment should be generalized – we are not necessarily looking for EXACT results statements.
5. How consistent are our top-line award indicators with our prospective Level II Global Results Framework indicators (theme and sub-theme, count and value) This assessment should be generalized – we are not necessarily looking for complete alignment in indicator definitions.
6. Does consistency in results or indicators vary by donor, member, theme, or sub-theme?

4. Expected Deliverables

1- Comprehensive list of result statements and KPIs mapped for each project
2- Summary analysis of KPIs aligned across theme and sub theme level;

5. Timeline:

We are looking to recruit the consultant ASAP as Results Framework core group have already started the discussion on designing Menu of indicators.

This consultancy request will be commissioned for 20 working days during July – August 2017.
Following are the preliminary steps to begin the exercise. It will be discussed with consultant once she/he is on board;

Step 1: Access list of live awards and use SoF code to identify a project on AMS and download IPTT or M&E plan from AMS;
Step-2: Setup another Excel Sheet to consolidate information from M&E plan. This includes, Mapping all the results statement (including Impact, Outcome and Output statements) and KPIs into a separate sheet
Step-3: Identify data source to track progress on each KPIs

Step-4: Produce summary into the output table and graphs to present the Results Framework Group

6. Documents

• Consultant will be given list of live grants and access to Award Management System to download MEAL plan from AMS and collate the relevant information.

7. How to express Interest

All interested consultant are expected to share their CVs and a cover letter to share similar work experience. Plz send your CV and cover letter at

8. Person Specification:

We are looking for a person who has;
• Excellent skills of using quantitative and qualitative data analysis software for instance Ms.Excel, NVIVO etc.
• Capability to analyse the data and present it by using graphs and charts;
• Previous experience of Business Analysis;
• Good understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation tools;
9. Payment

• Consultant will be paid for 10% in the beginning of the exercise and then remaining at the completion of the task

Organisation Save the Children UK