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TigerSwan vacancy - Field Manager

Field Manager
This position is for a Field Manager to support monitoring activities in the field as requested by the Department of State. The Field Manager should be located in the country of which the monitoring activities are taking place; preferably in a central location. Only in extenuating circumstances will the Field Manager not being located in-country be considered. The Field Manager will be primarily responsible for product delivery, quality control, and assistance with training efforts of the field monitors.

Requirements and Responsibilities:
(a.) Serves as the main contact and liaison with Senior Technical Manager (or other company designee) to ensure proper implementation, adequate monitoring, and sufficient coordination of all field activity occurs.
(b.) Oversee field operations and logistics for field monitors
(c.) Closely tracks and assesses program-related and external developments at the field level to provide progress reports to the Senior Technical Manager (or other designee)
(d.) Establish a robust monitoring and reporting framework into which monitoring operations in the field will feed key information related to program progress and field developments
(e.) Responsible for the design and quality delivery of data collection, storage, and analysis procedures. Create data collection tools and conduct data collection when deemed necessary
(f.) Work closely with the Senior Technical Manager (or other designee) to ensure field staff accountability for the collection of data and ensure the incoming field reports are strong, accurate, and capturing necessary information
(g.) Reviews incoming data/reporting for strength, completeness, consistency, clarity, and accuracy
(h.)Implement data quality assurance activities such as data verification and spot checks of data collected by field staff
(i.) Reports on data quality to the field monitors/Senior Technical Advisor; provides feedback to field monitors on how to strengthen their data collection technique
(j.) Reviews data following translation to ensure that the translation is accurate and appropriate to the raw data
(k.) Assists with training efforts of the field monitors on data collection and analysis methodology techniques

(a.) Demonstrated educational experience of at least a Bachelor's Degree in relevant field of study (Public Policy/Administration, Social Sciences, Economics, Monitoring and Evaluation, etc.)
(b.) At least 5 years of previous experience in similar role, or combination of prior project management and M&E experience; solid grasp of the principles of results-oriented monitoring and evaluation necessary
(c.) Ability to analyze both qualitative and quantitative data
(d.) Demonstrated work experience in target country where monitoring efforts are taking place
(e.) Demonstrated skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders of different backgrounds
(f) Demonstrated ability to provide effective leadership, to manage teams and transfer advice and knowledge to team members
(g.) Demonstrated knowledge of, and ability to effectively communicate key M&E principles and concepts
(h.) Demonstrated excellence in oral and written communications; able to effectively communicate in both English and Arabic to a wide range of audiences
(i.) Demonstrated ability to work both independently and with a team-oriented environment
(j.) Analytical mind, with strong attention to detail
(k.) Fluent in English (strong writing skills necessary) and Arabic
(l.) Understanding of digital security practices desired but not required
(m) Ability to manage multiple deadlines and prioritize deliverables in a timely manner to meet quick turn around

Organisation TigerSwan

Country Sri Lanka