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Aga Khan Foundation Canada Canadian Professionals for Development End-line Study Request for Proposa

Aga Khan Foundation Canada Canadian Professionals for Development End-line Study
Request for Proposals (RFP)
1. The Organization
Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is a non-profit international development agency, working in Asia and Africa to find sustainable solutions to the complex problems causing global poverty. AKFC concentrates on a small number of specific development challenges in health, education, rural development and civil society. In Canada, AKFC raises funds, builds partnerships with Canadian institutions, and promotes discussion and learning on international development issues. Established in 1980, AKFC is a registered Canadian charity and an agency of the worldwide Aga Khan Development Network.

2. Introduction
Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is seeking a qualified consultant(s) to conduct end-line case studies of the Canadian Professionals for Development (CPD) project. CPD is a five-year (2012-2017), $6 million cross-cutting initiative that is embedded within a larger partnership agreement between AKFC and Global Affairs Canada called the Partnership for Advancing Human Development in Africa and Asia (PAHDAA), which aims to improve human development, especially for women and children, in target areas of Asia and Africa.
CPD has two components with different objectives:
1. Canadian Development Exchange (CADEX) – a demand-driven placement program for entry to mid-level Canadian professionals with an objective of Canadian professionals to contribute to capacity strengthening of local institutions in Africa and Asia.

CADEX professionals are also meant to gain meaningful experience in developing countries.

2. International Youth Fellowship (IYF) – a placement program for young Canadians with an objective for young Canadians to acquire meaningful experience in developing countries to become more employable, better able to operate in and more knowledgeable about the developing world, and better global citizens.

Fellows may also contribute to key technical needs of local institutions.

3. Project Details
By the end of 2017, CPD will have facilitated 183 placements to partner institutions overseas through its two components.
The two outcome indicators that were primarily tracked through the project Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) were:
• % of host institutions that find CADEX participants’ contribution to staff and institutional capacity valuable
• % of IYF participants demonstrating an increase in practical knowledge and key skill sets, including understanding of gender equality and the environment
Throughout the project, immediate and intermediate level data was collected from overseas-placed Canadians as well as host agencies. Due to the nature of the IYF program, Fellows reported if their knowledge and skills had increased due to their Fellowship placements. Host agencies were also requested to report on this information to verify that the Fellows had improved their individual capacity. Due to the nature of the CADEX program, host agencies reported whether their capacity had increased due to the CADEX placements.
During a mid-term evaluation of PAHDAA completed in 2016, CPD was individually evaluated as a project under the larger program. The MTE assessed the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and sustainability of immediate outcomes and the progress made toward the achievement of intermediate outcomes. The evaluators concluded that both IYF and CADEX had been successful to date in building organizational and individual capacity in host organizations, and in building capacity amongst participants in the respective programs. The evaluation also found CPD to be efficient and relevant to the needs of participants, host organizations and countries. The large majority of participants in both the IYF and CADEX programs felt their experience had been worth their personal and professional investments in participating. The MTE evaluators also concluded that the results of nearly all CADEX and IYF placements will have lasting impact on both hosts and CPD project participants.
4. Study Purpose, Objectives and Methods
The purpose of the CPD end-line case studies is to assess the extent to which the two components of CPD achieved their objectives by the end of the 5 year program.
Due to the wealth of information already available through ongoing monitoring and the mid-term evaluation, as well as the large geographic spread of host agencies, Fellows and CADEX professionals, it is not expected that the end-line study consultant will need to travel for this assignment. Any additional primary data can be collected through Skype, telephone calls and online surveys (if necessary).
Given that gender was to be mainstreamed throughout the project, the evaluation design and methodology should also have a strong gender equality lens.
5. Scope of Work & Deliverables
1. Preparatory phase
a) Review existing data and information from reports and the mid-term evaluation
b) In consultation with AKFC, prepare an end-line study plan, including but not limited to: study design, sampling strategy, data collection processes, data collection tools, timeframe, etc.
2. Data collection phase:
a) Pilot the data collection tools as necessary
b) Collect data in the most time and cost efficient way
3. Data analysis and reporting phase:
a) Analyse data
b) Prepare draft case studies, which includes a summary of the studies (to be used for external purposes), in a format as agreed with AKFC
c) Consult stakeholders and receive feedback on case studies
d) Prepare final case studies
a. Share all raw data collected during the study
e) Conduct an end-line debrief with relevant stakeholders

6. Technical requirements/experience of key personnel
The consultant should have:
• Strong data collection and analysis skills in mixed methodologies, with at least 6 years of experience.
• Excellent analytical, writing, synthesis, communication and facilitation skills.
• The ability to produce high quality work under tight timeframes.
• Knowledge and experience in conducting studies with a gender equality lens.
• Knowledge and experience in similar programs

7. Timing of this consultancy
This consultancy is expected to commence July 14, 2017 and be concluded by October 31, 2017.

8. Submission of Bids & Evaluation Criteria
Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit bids with the following:
1) Cover letter: A one-page cover letter signed by the consultant
a. Conflict of interest statement: applicants should state clearly whether they have an actual or potential conflict of interest with a staff, volunteer or board member of AKFC or if they have been involved in the CPD project in the past.
2) Detailed technical proposal: A detailed plan of no more than 6 pages plus annexes for accomplishing the tasks laid out in in this RFP, including:
a) Introduction: A brief overview of the assignment as understood by the consultant and a brief statement of the overall technical approach
b) Proposed methodology and rationale
c) Proposed budget for completing all deliverables, including consultant daily rates
d) Timetable for completion of major activities and level of effort
4) Annex A - Consultant’s CV
5) Annex B – A list of similar work conducted with links or attachments.
5) Annex C - References: A list of three former or current clients for whom similar work has been done, together with their current email addresses and telephone numbers

Submissions should be made via email by June 27, 2017 to: with the subject title: CPD End-Line Study. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Submissions in response to this Request for Proposals (RFP) will be evaluated with the following criteria:
Criteria Score
Experience and skills of consultant 25
Appropriateness of methodology 25
Gender equality considerations 10
Innovation 10
Cost effectiveness 30

Written questions concerning this RFP will be accepted up until June 21st, 2017 and should be directed to:

AKFC reserves the right to add or revise information, or otherwise amend the contents of this RFP during the period of preparation of proposals. AKFC reserves the right to extend the period specified for presentation of proposals.

Organisation Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Country Canada