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Tender for Consultancy Services - Accountability and Organisational Performance Framework

Tender for Consultancy Services – Analysis and recommendations for establishing a framework accountability and organisational performance for Amnesty International

Amnesty International Invitation to tender
The purpose of this consultancy is to analyse and advise on the approach and design of Amnesty International’s (AI) Framework for Accountability and Organisational Performance.

This should provide clarity and consistency across the organisation on AI’s commitments to mutual accountability through related reporting mechanisms, specifically involving a number of stakeholders knowledge development, and engagement with stakeholders, specifically involving the following AI entities:
• Sections and Structures
• International Secretariat, including Regional Offices
• Relevant decision making bodies on the governance side

AI is putting greater emphasis on impact as part of the new Strategic Goal period 2016-2019. There is a stronger focus on organisational accountability and performance to generate greater impact. This review will analyse the existing tools, standards and frameworks (collectively referred to as “tools” herein) related to the AI movement accountability and performance. These tools have had different purposes (compliance, capacity building, and accountability) and measure different performance areas and serve different accountability purposes. From an initial analysis it is clear that the tools are not aligned and there are overlaps and some could be serving cross purposes.
It is important to introduce a holistic approach to organisational accountability and performance in Amnesty International. There has been considerable work done to define performance measures and assess performance in recent years and this review will build on that and contribute to the analysis of effective ways to drive and motivate organisational performance. Thus, the current approach and tools of the movement need to be reviewed to then create a simpler and fit-for-purpose framework. The revised framework may demand consolidation and changes in the existing tools and possibly development of new ones to strengthen the movement accountability and performance systems. The review will look at the current approach and provide a clear line of sight between AI’s commitments and standards around accountability and performance and the tools employed to assess and learn from that
Competencies and profile:
AI is seeking an expert (or experts) who brings:
• demonstrated INGO experience and knowledge of different kinds of organisational set ups, preferably including federally structured or membership-based organizations;
• up close experience of latest development in accountability and transparency practice;
• up to scratch insight in performance and learning tools;
• advanced experience in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning systems in the sector;
• in depth knowledge of sector standards and organisational review systems;
• excellent analytical and writing skills;
• Familiarity with the Human Rights and international development sector
• strong experience in consultation process design and participatory approaches.

Expected effort and key outputs/deliverables from the piece of work:
The expert(s) will deliver a clear, concise, and simplified framework for organisational accountability and performance for AI. The guidance will be accompanied by a set of recommendations on how to address existing gaps and duplications, and how tools are to be implemented as regular business, bearing in mind capacity limitations and organisational context.

Contracted and commissioned by AI, the expert(s) will work with the AI Senior Director Office of the Secretary General and the AI Director of Governance to advance the work. The expert(s) will lead an internal AI working group of four persons with a range of skills that will support the expert in carrying out specific tasks and reflecting on tentative conclusions and recommendations. The expert(s) may also deploy a workshop to encourage active input from key internal and external stakeholders. The AI Director of Governance will manage the input and advice from a reference group consisting of relevant experts from AI national entities.

It is estimated that the work will require a total of 60 work days, in June - September 2017.

The expected outputs and deliverables are:

1) An analysis and literature review of the current approach to organisational accountability and performance in AI and in the sector and suggestions for a reframing of that approach.

2) A framework for mapping the current tools and instruments deployed by AI, including an assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, including a reflection on how they have been implemented, and an analysis of the results.

3) Report from interviews with key stakeholders in the AI movement and the INGO sector, as well as possible study visits to Sections.

4) A suggested realignment or redesign of the tools, systems and ways of working to operationalise the framework for accountability and performance in AI in the future

5) An accompanying 2-3 page document outlining key recommendations developed during a final workshop for AI to consider moving forward

Instructions for Tenders
Tenders should be submitted by email to by June 9 and include:
• A proposal and costing for how the piece of work will be undertaken (max 3 pages)
• Summary of key research questions and assumptions (1/2 page)
• CVs of lead person(s)
• Financial proposal
• Name and contact details of two references

Organisation Amnesty International, International Secretariat

Country United Kingdom