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Consultants needed for endline prevalence study in Guatemala

I. Overview of the Consultancy
International Justice Mission seeks a qualified and experienced external consultancy team to conduct a prevalence study through proxy indicators for its Guatemala Field Office. The primary purpose of the study will be to assess the prevalence of the crime of child sexual assault. The overarching goal of conducting this endline study will be to assess the impact of IJM’s program activities on the prevalence crime of child sexual assault, by comparing it to the baseline study conducted in 2012-2013, utilizing data from a reproductive health study conducted by Doctors Without Borders, the methodology of which will be replicated in this study. The work includes conducting a household survey and drafting an implementation report on the results of that survey. IJM seeks a highly professional and reliable team of consultants who will be able to complete the study efforts as agreed, on time and within budget. IJM would need the consultant(s) to conduct the study and prepare final report by 13 April 2018.

II. Study Methodology
The objective of the prevalence endline study is to outline, using a cross-sectional study of approximately 1600 people living in Zones 7 and 18 of Guatemala City, the prevalence of child sexual assault.2 This study, in combination with proxy measurements from the analysis of other sources of health data, will be used by IJM to create a full prevalence report.
The following data methods will be employed to achieve these objectives:
Household surveys
A cross-sectional study of approximately 1600 people living in Zones 7 and 18 of Guatemala City based on a structured questionnaire and face-to-face interviews in
participants' homes.Exact sample size to be updated with the methodology.

III. Roles and Responsibilities, Research Team Make-up
An IJM staff member in the Guatemala field office will be assigned to this research study and will act as the main contact for de-briefing weekly. The external consultancy team will work with the IJM study team (made up of staff from HQ and the Guatemala field office)

IJM suggests the following make-up for the external consultancy team:
Household Survey/Case Studies:
 1 Research Manager
 1 Research Technical Lead
 2 Field Research Implementation Coordinator
 24-28 enumerators
 4 data entry clerks

IV. Deliverables
The consultant will be expected to produce the following deliverables:
1. Draft and/or provide revisions to improve the various data collection tools, and then submit final translated versions of the tools. The final versions should be in Spanish and English.
2. Mobile survey, complete with instruction guide for all questions.
3. Data quality analysis plan, developed in coordination with the IJM Study Team.
4. Cleaned, coded raw data in Excel and/or statistical software (Stata preferred) plus codebook.
5. Draft and final comprehensive endline study data collection implementation report, including literature review, planned and actual methodology, any observations from implementation, and recommendations for future studies (no data analysis).

V. Timeline & Payment Arrangements
The consultant will be paid for completion of the work listed below over the contract time period, 1 July 2017 – 13 April 2018. All deliverables must be submitted to IJM outlined in Section VI, by 13 April 2018. Consultancy team will be paid 30% immediately after consultancy commences to assist with recruitment and logistics. The next 20% will be paid when the survey is developed satisfactorily and all data collection commences. The next 30% will be paid when IJM’s reviewing team deems the cleaned and coded raw data submitted as acceptable. The final 20% will be paid to the team after the final implementation report has been submitted and approved by IJM.
Timeline: Here is a tentative breakdown of the work:
Activity Date Completed By
Secure enumerators for data collection
15 July 2017
Review program documents and conduct literature review of relevant material
21 July 2017
Review and provide feedback on sampling strategy and guide
21 July 2017
Review and provide feedback on endline household survey
31 July 2017
In collaboration with IJM study team, train enumerators on survey data collection
1-5 August 2017
Finalize sampling strategy with IJM study team
6 August 2017
Develop data collection implementation plan
6 August 2017
In collaboration with IJM study team, develop plan for quality control
6 August 2017
Finalize all translated forms/guides and mobile data collection form (including databases)
1 September 2017
Conduct household survey in Zones 7 and 18
20 October 2017
Clean and enter all household survey data and submit for analysis
3 November 2017
Write and submit a draft, comprehensive implementation report on the prevalence study
1 February 2018
Translate report to English
1 March 2018
IJM to provide feedback on report
15 March 2018
Submit a final, comprehensive implementation report on the endline study
1 April 2018

VI. Request for Application
International Justice Mission (IJM) seeks a qualified consultant to conduct an endline study from mid-July 2017 to April 2018. The study will assess the prevalence of child sexual assault. The study will include a household survey and analysis of proxy data indicators.
The consultant must collaborate with the IJM study team to design the methodology and implement the study on time and within budget.
Interested consultants should submit their application by close of business Monday, 22 May 2017. Applications should include the following information:
 Qualifications: Consultant CV(s) and an explanation of qualifications to carry out each study specified. Specific skills required of consultant or team of consultants:
 At least one person on the study team must have a master’s level degree in International Development, International Economics, Statistics, Public Health, or related field
At least five years of experience in research on community-based or national-scale programs
 Experience conducting operations research, implementation science, or other research studies
 Experience in mental health or assisting victims of crime preferred but not required
 Proven performance in conducting quantitative research studies, including methodology and sampling strategy development
 Expertise in developing systems, mobile and hard copy data collection tools, strategies, appropriate indicators, data management systems, for community-based and large-scale projects
 Ability to work proficiently in all Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel
 Proven written and oral capabilities in English and Spanish
 Availability: The consultant’s availability for an introductory meeting in late May and to conduct the endline studies between 1 July and 13 April 2018.
 Budget: Should include a high-level budget. Highlight the consultant’s daily rate, or product rate, and any other key budget details. The application should also include three previous daily/product rates.
 References: List three references, including brief summary of work and client contact details.

Please submit questions/inquiries to Erin Payne (, or call IJM Guatemala at + 502 2463 5550 and ask for Cindi Mazariegos or Jacobo Mazariegos. For complete applications, submit to the email address above. List “Endline Prevalence Study Application” in the subject line of your electronic submission.

Organisation IJM

Country Guatemala