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Consultancy for baseline assessment and impact evaluation in Israel / Palestine

Summary Terms of Reference
Consultancy for a Baseline Study and Final Impact Evaluation of Swiss Church Aid’s Open Forum Programme in Israel and Palestine

1 Purpose of the Consultancy
Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) seeks to procure the services of three consultants to design, plan and conduct a baseline study and a final impact evaluation of the Open Forum Programme in Israel and Palestine.
The team of three will be made up of one international lead consultant with extensive knowledge and experience in designing, planning, and conducting impact evaluations; and two national consultants with extensive knowledge and experience in designing, planning, and conducting data collections, as well as in-depth knowledge of the local context.
It is expected that the baseline study will be designed, planned and conducted in such a way as to facilitate the impact measurement at the end of the programme phase. The baseline study is anticipated to take place during April/May/June 2017, while the final impact evaluation is expected to take place during spring/summer 2020.
During the baseline study phase of the consultancy, the consultants will also be required to support the Programme Management Team in refining and implementing the monitoring system in order to facilitate the implementation of the baseline study and the final impact evaluation.

2 About Swiss Church Aid
Swiss Church Aid is the aid organization of the Protestant churches in Switzerland. It is engaged in development cooperation, humanitarian aid, and church cooperation. Swiss Church Aid works in 251 projects worldwide, has its own coordination offices in 17 countries, and employs roughly 450 staff in Switzerland and abroad. In 2015, Swiss Church Aid had an annual budget of nearly 70 million CHF.

3 Description of the Country Programme / Project
The intervention to be evaluated is the Open Forum, a network and exchange platform of organisations working in conflict transformation. The Open Forum serves as an “open” space for partner organisations of the Swiss Church Aid country programme in Israel and Palestine to share experiences, develop synergies, and engage in co-operations. It provides an institutionalised space for developing joint strategies and alternative rights based models for improving access to land, housing and public space, and for planning and implementing common projects around specific problems of access to land, housing and public space.
The evaluation will assess the contribution of the Open Forum intervention to several key changes:
- Disenfranchised communities are resilient to resist violations of human rights and effectively keep claiming rights through non-violent means;
- Palestinian and Israeli civil society organisations have jointly developed and are advocating for gender-sensitive human rights based alternatives and strategies for access to land, housing and public space;
- Claims and human rights bases alternatives are more present in public discourse;
- Israeli, Palestinian and international duty bearers take responsibility.
In order to achieve these key changes, the Open Forum partners are working with and are lobbying a variety of stakeholders, including Palestinian, Israeli and international duty bearers and media, civil society organisations, and groups within Israeli and Palestinian society who are denying the rights of others. These changes will benefit various communities and persons with limited access to land, housing and public space, including Palestinian refugees, internally displaced people, unrecognised Bedouin communities, Palestinians and Israelis living in mixed cities, Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and communities in Area C in the West Bank, as well as marginalised people in Gaza.

The international consultant is expected to meet the following qualifications:
- Master’s degree in the social sciences (sociology, anthropology, development studies)
- At least 5 years of research and other relevant professional experience
- Sound understanding of various approaches to assess impact
- Sound expertise in quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis
- Strong analytical skills and proficiency in writing in English
- Ability to deliver quality reports/analysis and results in line with established deadlines
- In-depth knowledge of the situation in Israel and Palestine, in particular with regards to the discourse regarding the right of return
- Knowledge and demonstrated experience with a human rights based approach to programming
- Excellent facilitation and coordination skills
- Fluency in English, Arabic is an asset
- Access throughout Israel, the West Bank and Gaza (Swiss Church Aid will apply for a permit to Gaza for the consultant if Gaza projects are sampled)

To obtain the full ToR, including details on how to apply, please contact Ms. Annika Klotz, M&E Officer at Swiss Church Aid in Zurich (

Application deadline: March 15th, 2017.

Organisation Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER)

Country Switzerland