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Consultant needed for joint evaluation of Health Partnership Alliances- urgent

The UK – Sierra Leone Health Partners (UKSLHP), the Uganda UK Health Alliance (UUKHA) and the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance (ZUKWA) are looking to commission a joint evaluation to assess the impact of their work.

Many UK based organisations and individuals share expertise and learning with organisations and government institutions in other countries to support health systems strengthening, whilst learning how to improve and develop their own workforce and current practice in the UK.
Recognising the large number of UK based organisations and individuals operating in Sierra Leone, Uganda and Zambia and the mutual interest the UK and these three countries have in promoting co-operation and interaction in healthcare, healthcare alliances were established in each of the countries to coordinate and galvanise action in this area.
The UK – Sierra Leone Health Partners (UKSLHP), the Uganda UK Health Alliance (UUKHA) and the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance (ZUKWA) were established at different times, are at different levels of development and are managed and hosted by separate organisations with distinct aims and activities. However all three of the Alliances work to promote coordination between health organisations based in the UK and in their focus countries, to reduce duplication and encourage joint working for health system strengthening.

The proposal:
The Alliances carry out their own regular monitoring and evaluation activity but would like to conduct a joint evaluation in order to assess the broader impact of the Alliances and specifically;
1. To what extent the alliances contribute to a more strategic approach to health systems strengthening in the focus countries
2. To understand the external factors that influence the impact of such collaborative efforts and identify the conditions for success and sustainability
3. How the Alliances make a difference to the work of their partners and members and the extent of bidirectional benefit to those in the focus countries and to the UK
The evaluation would likely involve semi-structured interviews in the UK and in-country (in person or via skype depending on timing and funds), surveys and desk based work to review existing evidence.

Work would need to commence asap and be completed / reported by 31 March 2017. We recognise the very tight timeframe involved but are bound by a grant reporting deadline. We realise the timing may result in the need to take a focussed, discrete approach and we welcome proposals to set out the best way to tackle this.

Invitation to Quote:
Bidders are invited to propose how they would carry out this evaluation and will be assess according to the following criteria:
 Cost: A fixed price that represents good value for money
 Engagement: Including how the bidder will ensure key stakeholders are involved
 Methodology: A description of the methodological and analytical approach, how the project will be managed, how information will be collected and coordinated and the approach to analysis
 Quality: The evaluation team, its experience and reputation in this field – including a demonstrable track record in evaluating projects and initiatives of a similar nature
 Timeframe: How the bidder demonstrates capacity to complete the project within the set timeline

Organisation Tropical Health and Education Trust

Country United Kingdom