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UNESCO seeks consultant for evaluation of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture

UNESCO seeks consultant to carry out evaluation of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC)
The overall objective of the evaluation is to assess the implementation, outcomes and relevance of the IFPC co-funded projects, to achieve the aims and spirit of the Statutes of the IFPC. Please see more information in the attached Terms of Reference.
Deadline for proposals: 12 April 2016
Start: May 2016
Delivery: November 2016
Full Terms of Reference herewith:

Terms of Reference for the evaluation and monitoring exercise of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture
1. Background
The International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC)1 is a UNESCO fund that supports the artistic expression and professionalization of young artists around the world through providing co-financing in the production of cultural and artistic works and events. The only UNESCO fund open to individual artists and creators, the IFPC supports projects that benefit youth, contribute to gender equality, foster peace and international cooperation and that promote cultural diversity. IFPC co-funded projects promote creative expression in areas as diverse as music, the performing arts, arts and crafts, documentary film, visual arts, literature and poetry.
The IFPC functions on the basis of a yearly call for project proposals open to individual artists and creators, public bodies and NGOs. Since the Fund was relaunched in 2013, a total of 17 projects have received IFPC co-financing.
Given that the Fund has already undergone extensive external auditing, this initial evaluation will focus its scope on the implementation, outcomes and relevance of the IFPC co-funded projects to achieve the aims and spirit of the Statutes of the IFPC.
2. Objectives
Within the framework of the IFPC, and further to the Administrative Council’s approval of the proposed timeframe and indicative terms of reference of a monitoring and evaluation exercise, the contractor shall focus work under the responsibility of the IFPC Secretariat in order to undertake the following task:
Evaluate the implementation, outcomes and relevance of the IFPC co-funded projects, to achieve the aims and spirit of the Statutes of the IFPC.
Points to be addressed in the exercise:
- The extent to which the current Operational Guidelines of the IFPC are successful in meeting the objectives of the Fund as indicated in its Statutes;
- Eligibility criteria and clarity of scope of the fields of eligible activities;
- Criteria for evaluation of projects and requests for assistance;
- The duration of the funding cycle;
- Complementarity of the IFPC with UNESCO’s other international funds in the field of culture;
- Alignment of the projects with the overall purpose and objectives of the Fund;
- The extent to which the projects have achieved their expected outcomes and results;
- The reasons why expected outcomes and results may not have been achieved;
- The main difficulties faced by beneficiaries;
- Proposing monitoring indicators that can be incorporated into the application form;
- Determining if project activities have addressed the identified objectives;
- Determining if the projects have contributed to promoting/supporting young artists.
3. Outputs
The contractor will be expected to submit three reports (inception report, draft evaluation report and final evaluation report) according to the reporting schedule below.
4. Activities
Activities include but are not limited to the following tasks:
- Measuring the degree of implementation, effectiveness of outputs and outcomes of the IFPC’s co-funded projects of the first, second and third calls for proposals; and
- Drawing on the lessons learned and making recommendations as to the review of the Operational Guidelines of the IFPC, including the Fund’s objectives, fields of activity, beneficiaries, projects approved for co-financing, evaluation and reporting.
5. Inputs
The IFPC Secretariat will provide the contractor with all documentation available, a list of key stakeholders to interview as well as a geographically representative list of IFPC co-financed projects illustrating the diversity of co-funded projects (activity type and scope, applicant status…). Telephone and/or Skype interviews and 2 – 3 field visits to project holders should be factored in.
6. Timing
Call for tender launched: 29 March 2016
Deadline for reception of quotes: 12 April 2016
Starting date: May 2016
Delivery in: November 2016
7. Reporting
The contractor shall submit the following reports:
1) Inception Report: A detailed work plan including all deliverables and deadlines to be submitted within the first three weeks of the contract;
2) Draft Evaluation Report: A draft evaluation report containing the findings of the research and interviews undertaken, as well as a series of initial observations and recommendations to be submitted after 6 months; and
3) Final Evaluation Report: A final evaluation report containing all findings, observations, conclusions and recommendations for the IFPC’s monitoring and evaluation exercise to be submitted after 7 months.
8. Eligibility/qualifications/experience requirements:
- Minimum 5 years’ experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation
- Proven experience of successful evaluation work and in the development of monitoring
- Knowledge of the UN system would be an asset
- Excellent knowledge of English and French
9. How to Apply:
Qualified candidates are requested to submit the following documents to Ms Denise Bax ( by 12 April 2016 at noon, Paris, France time:
1) an up-to-date curriculum vitae;
2) a statement indicating how your qualifications and experience make you suitable for the assignment;
3) an indication of the approach you will adopt to carry out the assignment, including any inputs that may be required from UNESCO;
4) the overall cost of the assignment, expressed in US dollars as an overall lump-sum. Any travel and subsistence requirements should be indicated separately.
The statement should clearly illustrate how the contractor responds to the eligibility requirements indicated above and intends to achieve the objectives of this exercise.
Contact information
UNESCO Culture Sector, Division for Creativity
Attn: International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (IFPC)

Organisation UNESCO

Country France