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Evaluation consultant - Teacher Training Programme, Afghanistan

Evaluation of SCA Teacher Training Programmes
Terms of Reference


The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is an international NGO working in Afghanistan for almost 30 years, primarily in the fields of education, health, disability and rural development. SCA’s activities are carried out in 17Provinces in the eastern and northern parts of the country. In the field of education, SCA works with the Government at the Central, Provincial, District and at local levels to achieve the following strategic objectives:

1. Increased access to education, especially to females.
2. Improvement of quality of education
3. Capacity building of the relevant stakeholders including teachers, heads, the communities and Government officials.

SCA provides access to quality education through its impressive institutions/programmes like Community Based Education, Girls Annexes and Model Schools. SCA believes that provision of quality education depends on the quality of teachers and their teaching. In Afghanistan, availability of teachers, especially trained ones, is a serious and big challenge. In order to provide training to the teachers, SCA makes ongoing efforts through appropriate and adequate short term and long term training programmes for all concerned especially the teaching force. SCA field personnel actively plan and implement this important programme for the SCA and Government teachers in the context of Model Schools, Community Based Schools and Girls Annexes.

SCA’s in-service training programmes are developed in the light of the Ministry of Education’s Training Packages Inset 1 and Inset 1:

• In-service training for teachers of the SCA supported educational institutions and Government schools. This programme includes subject knowledge, pedagogies (modern), laboratory training and effective teaching techniques/skills and other aspects of teaching and learning.SCA also has pre- service programme for Grades 11 and 12 students to provide them basic teaching competencies and to enable them to join the teaching profession immediately after grade 12.

At the time SCA initiated its training programmes in the year 1992, after the change in regime, there was hardly any opportunity with the Government to provide teacher training particularly in the areas where SCA operated. Even today, the Government has no plans to provide training to the teachers of the CBS or institutions involved in the non-formal mode of delivery of education. The Government has however initiated many training programmes for the teachers of formal schools.

Need for Evaluation

SCA expects that its training efforts will impact teaching and learning process in the classrooms. It is envisaged that the trained teachers would use in the classroom their newly acquired knowledge, skills and understanding of the teaching methodologies so that there is full of educational activity; where learning takes place and where teachers are busy transferring knowledge, promoting understanding about concepts in an environment which is friendly and not harassing.

There is now a growing concern within SCA about duplicating efforts with the Government’s new training initiatives in various Districts in Afghanistan. The questions to be asked and responded are to what extent is the teacher training having an impact on the learning of students and whether the learning environment has changed and become vibrant as a result of the training exercise? There are other questions regarding the quality of training and trainers and how far the present mode of training is addressing the teachers’ deficiencies realistically.
To respond to the foregoing needs, SCA has decided to evaluate, and to determine the impact of its teachers training programmes on the teaching and learning at the institutions and to see to what extent SCA training programme is duplicating Government efforts in the matter of teaching programmes. For this purpose, SCA is seeking to recruit an appropriately qualified and experienced person to carry out the evaluation.


The objectives of the evaluation are as follows:
1. To evaluate the relevance of the various teachers training courses conducted by SCA in the light of Government’s new initiatives of teacher training and in the light of SCA’s own objectives.
2. To evaluate the quality of teachers training programmes.
3. To evaluate to what extent the training initiatives are addressing the needs of the teachers.
4. To see the impact of teacher training programme in the classroom teaching and learning.
5. To evaluate the quality of Trainers of Teachers (TOT) in designing and implementing the training courses for the teachers.
6. To make recommendations to the SCA for improvement of the teacher training programme.

Duration and timelines for the Evaluation Exercise

The Evaluator will be provided clear 28 working days plus traveling time for the assignment from May 2012 to August 2012. The field work will take place during the month of August. The tentative breakup of which will be roughly as follows but which will be firmed up with the Evaluator:

• 4 days for reviewing the Government and SCA records regarding teacher training in Afghanistan and for developing tools for the evaluation. SCA will provide all the required documents and the Evaluator will also need to search for additional material that he or she may require.
• 18 days in the field including consultations at the Kabul Management Office and visits to SCA project offices for observing training of teachers, classroom teaching and learning, meeting and interviewing relevant people. A detailed action plan will be finalized within one week of the Evaluator being engaged, in consultation with the Evaluator.
• 5 days for report writing
• 1 day for incorporating management comments.

SCA management will provide feedback to the Evaluator within ten days of the submission of the draft report. The evaluator will then submit a final report to SCA within seven days of receiving this feedback.

The Evaluation process:

• Observation of training sessions in four Project Offices.
• Observation of classrooms.
• Interview: SCA Head of Programmes, Heads of Units, Senior Education Advisor, Project Managers, Schools Consultants, Teacher Trainers and Government officials.
• Studying the relevant school data.
• Focus group discussions


The Training Evaluator will work in very close coordination with the Senior Education Advisor under the overall guidance and leadership of the Head of Education Programmes as well as the SCA Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and SCA Programme Implementation Department.

Expected outputs of the evaluation:

• Draft evaluation report: a high quality narrative and analytical report, containing all appropriate facts, findings and relevant figures, and giving innovative and practical recommendations which, if implemented, would raise the quality of education.
• Final evaluation report responding to, or incorporating feedback from SCA management.

Intellectual property:

All data and reports prepared under the terms of the contract will be the property of the SCA and may not be used by anyone without the prior written approval of the SCA.

SCA Inputs

• Provision of all key internal document related to MS and the initiatives of the Government (the Evaluator will also be expected to research relevant documents from the net);
• Provision of all board and lodging and transport during the Evaluator’s stay in Afghanistan;
• Payment of all expenses related to international travel to and from Afghanistan, including assistance with obtaining the relevant visa;
• Travel and health insurance on SCA’s corporate policy for international travel and the Evaluator’s stay in Afghanistan;

Required profile of the Evaluator

• Minimum Master’s degree in the field of education, research or social sciences.
• Minimum of three years’ experience in conducting evaluations in different aspects of the education field (School evaluation, School initiatives evaluation, teacher training evaluation, etc.).
• Experience of working in institutional capacity development of the education sector in a developing and / or conflict-affected country.
• Practiced in the use of participatory methods for conducting research, planning and capacity development;
• Highly proficient in written and spoken English; knowledge of Dari and /or Pashto an asset;
• Background knowledge of the historical and political situation in Afghanistan;
• Strong communication skills, with the ability to communicate detailed concepts clearly and concisely both in writing and verbally;

How to Apply

Interested candidates should send an offer to SCA containing the following:
• Full CV, including a list of studies and evaluations carried out;
• A cover letter indicating the Evaluator’s background and relevant experience;
• A proposed work plan giving indicative dates for carrying out the evaluation;
• A short description of the proposed methodology;

Applications should be submitted to to arrive by 16.00 Afghan time (12.30 CET), 1 April. Please put the words Teacher Training in the subject line. For further information please contact

Organisation Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

Country Afghanistan