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Leslie Family - Gympie area

We are investigating the possible identity of a WW I soldier whose remains were found in Messines, Belgium in November 2008.

After discounting a number of possible identities, we have now focused on the most likely candidate, 1974 Private John Ernest Chapman.

Unfortunately, locating a NOK descendant for this soldier is proving a difficult nut to crack.

Pte Chapman was an only child, whose parents died when he was quite young, hence there appears to be no descendants from that line.

As we need a maternal line for DNA matching, I looked at Pte Chapman's mother (Mary Ann Jamieson - born in Shetland, Scotland) for possible siblings and descendants. This lead to the identification of a sister, Margaret Jamieson, who married a John James Leslie in Queensland in 1868. They had a number of children in the Gympie area of SE Qld, with the oldest passing away in 1957.

I am therefore looking for a living female descendant of this family for a DNA sample to be matched against our Messines soldier. The female line must run from female to female - therefore will would need a daughter of Margaret Jamieson and so on down the line to the present day. Unfortunately we are pressed time wise, as the interment ceremony for the Messines soldier is planned for 22 July 2010. If an identity cannot be established, the soldier will be buried with a headstone inscribed 'Known Unto God'.

I therefore seek your assistance in locating a female Leslie descendant of Margaret Jamieson.

I can provide a file with notes on the Jamieson/Leslie family line gathered on the QLD BDM website.

Any assistance or suggestions you may be able to provide will be gratefully received

Yours truly

Paul Vercoe

(02) 69 444313

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