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Widgee Crossing OR Illidges Crossing?

Should Widgee Crossing, Gympie, really be Illidges Crossing?

This thought hadn't occured to me until just now when I couldn't find the marriage of William Swain Roberts to Harriet Illidge in the NSW BDM register because Harriet's Illidge surname was wrongly entered as Widge.

src NSW BDM:1221/1864 marriage of WILLIAM S ROBERTS to HARRIET WIDGE district:CONCORD

The Illidge family farm in Gympie is recorded as being at Widgee Crossing. What I don't know but would like to know ... which came first the Illidges crossing the Mary River to their farm on the other side of the river from Gympie or the area name of Widgee Crossing.

I guess this is a question I should pose to the Gympie Family History Society.

If anyone knows the origins of the name Widgee Crossing - please let me know.


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