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Please leave your thoughts here to share with us all. Feel free to respond to others. Loving each other is how we will survive tragedy. If there is a special person you wish to honor and/or remember, by all means, do so. And let us know where you are from so we can all see where this page has been. Thank you so very much.

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Poem for 9-11-2001

We Remember 9-11-2001

By Pearly Duncan Walker ©

We remember today, a tragedy of a year ago, our world torn apart,

Loved ones, firemen, policemen, hospital workers gave of their heart,

Planes were in route were overtaken and abused sorely by evil men,

Flew into the towers, the pentagon and killed the bravest people, who have ever been.

They took back the plane in PA, and gave their life that others might live,

I know it was no shock to Jesus, I know He heard Prayers and did forgive,

The evil there and the towers was so awful, we had to send our men, a war to fight

To take the evil peoples land to ruin, kill many there, who hath not seen the light.

The workers are so great to have done it all, even to the blood they gave,

That some who were wounded would have the chance, their life to save,

Valor and gentry was in our Country that day, our Eagle soared on high,

Representing our great country on land, in the city, and on sea, he stood by.

They tried to soil our Flag that day, but it was not ever to be, they stand by,

Maybe a rip or even some burned, and to ashes turned, but they are still waving high,

They wave in our hearts, as do the heroes who gave their all that terrible day,

We need always to remember the friends we lost, in such a sinful way.

Jesus took our loved ones on home, it was their time, or it would not have been,

For He is in control always, even of the cowards hiding in a caves den,

A braggart who is evil, up in glory he will never be, he is not Godsí own,

Lord, bring our soldiers, sailors, marines and air force men back home.

The workers digging up bodies for months, trying to identify peoples loving kin,

Even the smartest and bravest canine were there, doing their share again,

We look back now and see anew, all our world seemed to just tear apart,

But let us keep utmost in our minds that now and forever, that Jesus is in our heart.

He will watch over all who call on Him; He will mend broken hearts and make anew.

He will be with us all throughout eternity, in all the things we need to do;

Just give your life to Jesus today; He will so tenderly take the greatest care

Of your life now, as did He, when our people were taken in shock last year.

We had many unseen enemies, who came here as friend or foe?

Would, we had known, and our Government would have made them go.

Strife on our Country would never in this world have never, ever won,

But let us never in all our life, forget our friends in September 11, two thousand one.

Dedicated to the Personnel of the PELELIU ARG?15RH the arm MEU (SOC) ENDURING FREEDOM.

And all the heroes who helped in the three tragedies on 9/11/2001

© Pearlie Duncan Walker


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