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For Love of Freedom

Please leave your thoughts here to share with us all. Feel free to respond to others. Loving each other is how we will survive tragedy. If there is a special person you wish to honor and/or remember, by all means, do so. And let us know where you are from so we can all see where this page has been. Thank you so very much.

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Re: 9-11

You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this drivel on a bulletin board in memory of those who died so hideously on 9-11. Save your 'this is god's vengeance' speech for the other self righteous zealots. It has no place here.

You are an awful excuse for a Christian, if that is indeed what you claim. You are no better than the religious fanatics who perpetrated this crime.

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Replying to:

An Opportunity to Turn

Tragedy into Triumph


Having previously warned several preachers that God was angry, there was no positive response. Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily ... (Ec. 8:11), none believed.

To whom much has been given, much shall be required. That means you, America. Drugs, violence, families torn apart, financial ruin ... we've been experiencing personal earth ~ quakes for quite some time, while the church slept on.

One lady said she heard someone on TV ask, "What did we do to deserve this?" And as soon as she heard the question, the answer came. Her response was this, "In past tragedies, America was shaken. This time, we got spanked."

If only by the candidates they choose; New York supports such things as abortion in a more unified way. Others shed spiritual blood in less visible ways: attacking whatever they don't understand, thinking it the will of God to separate from everything not like them, not allowing people to serve as God calls them, etc.). To subvert a man in his cause, the Lord approveth not (La. 3:36). Blood for blood (Ge. 9:6), the moon turning to blood (Ps. 89:37, Ez. 33:4), if that's what it takes. Every knee shall bow.

Tragedy reminds us of the important things in life, draws us to unity that would otherwise never be, causes us to get on our knees and look up. The center of our earth shook. The land quaked ... this time, in a way that no one could ignore.

Those involved in internet ministry have withstood the gates of hell to go to the highways and byways, and against criticism from without and within. One person suggested that the church just received their wake-up call.

Having asked God how many prophecies had to come to pass, He said, "As many as it takes."

Signing petitions won't make our world better. Neither will hanging flags or lighting candles (even though we continue to do so because we care). Though, if we really want to make a difference, we can start believing that God meant what He said.

Consider who might be on your throne. Is your opinion the ultimate authority? How about your religion? Or, your preacher? Or, maybe a church committee? Even your mate? Your children? Friends?

God wants His throne back. It's really that simple. The Kingdom of God comes not with observation; not from memorizing every verse of scripture or from being the perfect example either.

Created in God's image, He gets lonely, too. More than anything we could possibly offer God, He desires an intimate relationship with us. Do we get our daily walk from a book of dead laws or from a Living God who walks and talks with us? God will come down and dwell with us once He is welcomed.

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While it is never God's will for people to hurt people, anger is of concern in that - as long as we place blame elsewhere, we miss the ultimate truth that 'we did it to ourselves'.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Ch. 7:14

God wants to love us in ways we never dreamed.

But, He can only do so once He has first place.

2001 by Joyce C. Lock

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