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For Love of Freedom

Please leave your thoughts here to share with us all. Feel free to respond to others. Loving each other is how we will survive tragedy. If there is a special person you wish to honor and/or remember, by all means, do so. And let us know where you are from so we can all see where this page has been. Thank you so very much.

Forum: For Love of Freedom
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to all the ones lost adn there familys

hi i am 16 and is very angery with all what has happened but i hope we find who evereso did this to a country of love we are a good family we loved everey one but who ever did this shound bee punshed they killed chiddren and there mothers and fathers ,.....

asks your self what if i was the one in that buliding what if my family was thre whould you be upset and angery i would so my thoughts and prises go out to the ones lost there family in the bobming and there familys

MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!8(

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