Please do NOT order flyers (gospel tracts) if you have a printer & ink at home. Please understand that we do NOT have much funding. We are glad to help if you do NOT have a printer or ink. Also our free cross & our free bumper stickers are available, but the limit must be only one each due to lack of funding. Please allow 1-5 months for shipping. Please order ONLY the items that you want and will actually use. Please don't order the gospel tracts without reading them first on the previous page, so that you know what the tracts are teaching. Thanks.

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1 Wooden Red Cross Necklace
BUMPER STICKERS: (I promise to put on my car or in public view.)
BIBLE STUDIES: (Please do NOT order if you can print at home.)
GOSPEL TRACTS (Flyers): (Please do NOT order if you can print at home.) Send the following: