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Post a free ad here if you have either lost or found a cockatiel or other pet bird. Please include the date and location the bird was lost or found.

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Lost PIED cockatiel (Nano)
Small white with yellow head, grey shoulders, orange cheeks, perky crest. Missing back claw on right talon. San Marcos, CA 92078. 7605212730

Posted: Tue, 28 Mar. 2017
Expires: Wed, 26 Jul. 2017
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Lost Lutino Cockatiel Bird. (Louie)
Glen Allen, Virginia Louie is about 6 years old. We have had Louie for about 1 year now. Though Louie is a Male name, we suspect that Louie maybe female. Does female gestures and seems to like men more than women. We have grown very fond of Louie and would love to have her back. A $100 reward when returned to me. Contact me at- 894-338-4774 or email:
Thank you!

Posted: Sun, 19 Mar. 2017
Expires: Sat, 17 Jun. 2017
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Lost Grey and White Cockatiel Middl
We live on Hatcher at old jennings. Our cockatiel flew away today accidently. He was near our house and finally tried to fly to me but he doesnt seem to know how to fly down. He flew again farther. He can sing the andy Griffith song and will whistle. He is grey and white. If you hear a cockatiel sound please call me. Or if you see him he is friendly. He will "step up". Please message me if you see or hear him.

Posted: Thu, 16 Mar. 2017
Expires: Wed, 10 Jan. 2018
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GREY (cinnamon White faced cockatiel) flew away from my home in Riverside, CA.
She is tame and very sweet. Please call or email me if you found her. Thank you! 951-941-4114

Posted: Tue, 14 Mar. 2017
Expires: Mon, 12 Jun. 2017
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Lost cockatiel in San Francisco
The lost cockatiel has white and gray feather with white face. We lost her at Arleta Ave. She flew away and we couldn't find her. Last seen on March 12 at around 5pm. Please contact Tony 415-999-4448 if you found her. I'm devastated and heartbroken. $100 reward to anyone who found her.

Posted: Sun, 12 Mar. 2017
Expires: Sat, 10 Jun. 2017
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Lost lutino Cockatiel \" Cheech\"
LOST: Our Lutino Cockatiel "CHEECH " escaped on 2/18/17, In Daytona Beach, FL. He yellow & white with orange cheeks. Loves the Andy Griffith Whistle & The Sexy Whistle . Please contact me at or 386-299-5323
There is a $50.00 REWARD.

Posted: Sat, 11 Mar. 2017
Expires: Fri, 9 Jun. 2017
Lost Common Gray Cockatiel
Beau Beau (BoBo) is a 2 yr old male. Loves country music, Price is Right & Wheel of Fortune. He woof whistles, plays peek-a-boo, whistles jingle bells, and says his name. He got startled and flew away while we were visiting family in Candler NC. He only eats parakeet food without colors. Refuses big cockatiel food. Help him come home, please.

Posted: Thu, 9 Mar. 2017
Expires: Wed, 7 Jun. 2017
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Lost Abino Cockatiel
Stanley is 8 months old a a total sweetheart. Loves to be cuddled and kissed and has no fear of other animals. He is completely white, he has no band. He was lost on 3.1.17 and unforunately I live out in the country surrounded by 1000’s of trees. Stayed out until 1 a.m. keeping in contact with him but when the winds started howling, I lost track of him.

He is so missed and we are just devastated. Please help us bring him home.

Denise 845-905-2954

Posted: Sat, 4 Mar. 2017
Expires: Tue, 27 Feb. 2018
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Lost Cockatiel named \"Billy\"
My roommate was moving out and the door was left open. My bird was out of his cage and flew out of the house. His name is Billy and he
is a little over 1 years old. I love him so much. He has orange cheeks. My address is 11916 Porters Mill Place, Midlothian, VA 23114, reward if found

Posted: Mon, 27 Feb. 2017
Expires: Sun, 28 May. 2017
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Lost Cockatiel in Mission Viejo,CA
7 year old male cockatiel flew away yesterday. Gray and white body with yellow face and orange cheeks. Responds to whistling. Tame but will try and bite strangers. Please contact me if you have any information. Reward if found!

Posted: Sat, 25 Feb. 2017
Expires: Fri, 26 May. 2017
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Lost cockatiel in brooklyn
My cockatiel flew out of the door on February,22,2017 when I tried to get it in its cage at that moment somebody was entering and moon my cockatiel flew out side I saw some seagulls were pecking at him and he flew away. I tried chasing him but he flew too far. I searched for hours but no luck. My daughter is in tears and at this point I am doing just about anything I can. PLEASE 🙏 help him get home to his bird friends & his human 👪.

Posted: Wed, 22 Feb. 2017
Expires: Tue, 23 May. 2017
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Lost cockatiel in Long Beach
Our 6 months old white cockatiel flew away from Long Beach, Ca. Poor thing is so scared of everything.

Date lost : Jan 28, 2016

Posted: Mon, 30 Jan. 2017
Expires: Sun, 30 Apr. 2017
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