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Post a free ad here if you have either lost or found a cockatiel or other pet bird. Please include the date and location the bird was lost or found.

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Lost my cockatiel

His name is Lilou, he's a cockatiel, he's a small yellow bird with orange circle spots on the sides of his face. He flies very erratically as he hasn't been outside before. We're pretty sure he's within the Stonegate neighborhood in East Windsor, but its been so windy lately we're looking all over the area. We think he's in someone's yard, sitting in a tree or hiding behind some bushes SO PLEASE CHECK THERE!! He calls back when you call his name but we haven't heard him respond to our calls since yesterday. He is a bit skittish around people and hands so please approach slowly or call us first. He was last seen at 12PM 4/16, at 51 Sandstone Road. Please call Rey at 614-619-5640 if you see him!


Posted: Wed, 20 Apr. 2022
Expires: Tue, 19 Jul. 2022
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Cockatiel missing (El Cajon area)
**IF YOU FIND MY BIRD PLEASE CALL 619-404-7348, SHE MOST LIKELY IS IN THE EL CAJON AREA** Here is some information about my bird Pika. She loves bread, if you hold it in her eyesight she will go to you. My bird usually flys when she sees humans. When called by her name, she only responds to my mother. If she isn’t afraid of you, she can get on your finger when you hold it up under her and then she’ll climb up on your shoulder. Don’t try to put your hand over her or she will fly again. She only has two specific chirps to her, when she calls out/screams or she whistles. I don’t know how that is important but the photo provided is EXACTLY what she looks like. Yellow feathers, dark grey feathers, and orange feathers on her cheeks.

Posted: Sat, 2 Apr. 2022
Expires: Fri, 1 Jul. 2022
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lost cockatiel
ash is a normal gray cockatiel. he was lost march 26 in the cypress, texas area, please help us find him

Posted: Sat, 26 Mar. 2022
Expires: Sun, 26 Mar. 2023
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lost pied cockatiel
pied cockatiel lost in hampton VA, last seen on I-64. please keep an eye out and bring her back to her family.

Posted: Sat, 5 Mar. 2022
Expires: Sun, 5 Mar. 2023
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Missing Michigan Cockatiel
Niko was lost July 15, 2021 in West Bloomfield, MI. He is less than a year old. We would love to see him returned and are offering a reward!!

Posted: Thu, 15 Jul. 2021
Expires: Fri, 15 Jul. 2022
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Posted: Tue, 9 Jun. 2015
Expires: Wed, 6 May. 4753
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Lost Cockatiel
Lost male pied cockatiel. Last seen in Daly City, California. Body is yellow, with grey and white markings. Large orange circles on cheeks. Answers to the name Cookie. Is very tame and friendly. Loves to whistle and have his head rubbed. We miss him so much.

Posted: Sun, 6 Jul. 2003
Expires: Sun, 1 Jun. 4741
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lost male, pied cockatiel. very friendly lost for about 3 months now and now giving up hope. Lost in Jacksonville fl email me if have any information

Posted: Thu, 12 Jun. 2003
Expires: Thu, 8 May. 4741
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